Tetris MicroCard

It’s going to be shipping about a week or so after pre-orders which themselves are about a week or so out!

Counting the days!

New packaging now with Barcodes! New screws! New shipping provider! CE & FCC and other customs certifications!

we need a spare parts store, for example if you develop a new housing with new rear cover screws or other material or buttons.
since the PCB is the most important piece.
screens can scratch or deteriorate over time. and it would be another source of income I guess.
I hope now that you have less work (all arduboys, are sent) we need to have more activity.
I DO NOT want ARDUBOY suffer the same fate as GAMEBUINO
and that does not happen we need activity !!! games news etc.
hires a couple of game designers. we need good games that appeal to more people. Nintendo had its mario we need something.
I’m super happy with my ARDUBOY and everyone who sees me asks for it.


@xTHETRINCHOx re: good games needed, have you seen the amazing work of Team ARG and others that have already pushed the limits of the Arduboy? “Mystic Balloon” is Team ARG’s latest game and looks amazing. I can’t wait to receive my Arduboy so I can actually try some of the quality games that are already out there…

@Tachikoma re: Tetris microcard shipping - let’s hope that the pre-orders for the original Arduboy from the website would be fulfilled too, not just the kickstarter…seeing as many of us have already been waiting months for those. Let’s get the original product orders fulfilled before we start on the new one, eh?! :wink:

I have 2 one with the gamepad for use with POCKETCHIP and another with MYSTIC BALLON. (Formerly arduman) I think we can make things better. one missing more ants in the anthill … I LOVE my ARDUBOY

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Tetris should be going after the pre order units you are right!

We are expecting to get pre-orders out in the next 2-3 weeks. I’m here in China overseeing it personally. The Tetris unit received some last minute changes. We already have the mechanical parts completed, but the PCB assembly still needs to be completed.

We realize this is late, and we apologize. But the good news is we have upgraded many things in the mean time so we are confident it will be worth the wait. Also we will be using a better shipping agent this time so once it ships it should only take 5-7 days to reach you.

Hang in there Arduboy fans!


Thanks for the update. I just pre-ordered a Red Arduboy and already have a Tetris game on pre-order. I’m getting a nice collection of Arduboy things! Two Dev Kits, 1-White Kickstarter and 1-Blue Kickstarter Arduboy + these pre-orders. [Cue evil genius laughter] Mine, all mine!

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Hello! Is there a current update for the Tetris Arduboy? I’m very anxious to get my pre-order…

We have been waiting on the new packaging and user manuals to be printed and arrive at the factory. This is scheduled for next week and then final assembly can be finished. We are doing our best to get these out before the end of the month!

We think about everyone waiting for there units every day! Doing our best, thank you so much for your patience!!

Is it going to be possible to get Tetris for the original Arduboy? or with the release of the Tetris Microcard, will that code never be officially released for download?
I would love to be able to play it without purchasing a whole new device!


With the regular pre-orders going out/getting received does that mean the Tetris MicroCard is shipping soon?

Something for Tetris I think we should make a usb were you can slot in memory cards that intern slip into the Tetris making it ideal for maps and games that use a large storage!

An update on shipping would be nice :grinning:

Yeah I think they will do that soon

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your tremendous patience! We are here in China again at the factory working with them every day to kick these out the door. I’m doing my absolute best to get these shipped before Thanksgiving but at the very absolute worst it will for sure go out before Christmas!

Yikes, what a long journey this has been. The end result is amazing. You will love this little device once you finally get it!

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That’s great to hear, I have one ordered as a gift for Christmas :christmas_tree: