Tetris system! are they still releasing the unit? [Yes]

I just noticed the Tetris units aren’t displayed on the storefront. any reason for this?

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I am wondering the same thing.

Very Interesting. Maybe cancel?

They are still on the way!

Here is the first finished sample from the factory!

However… we had a significantly major hiccup at the factory last month when all of the printed circuit board assemblies failed quality inspection. All of the components are ready and waiting to be assembled in the factory but we have to reproduce all the circuit boards, so it looks like we will likely miss getting these delivered before Christmas.

If successful, we are offsetting the cost of this production by trying to sell the remaining units of the production batch to our manufacturer/distributor Seeed studio. So that is why the store shows out of stock, there was a problem where it wasn’t showing on the site.

If you had been planning on receiving this before Christmas and would like a refund please let us know using the contact form.

If you still believe in the project, we are working hard to get all of the pre-orders fulfilled as fast as possible. If by the end of January we have still not shipped the pre-order units we will be proactively refunding all customers, so there is no risk for people who would like to wait.

Last but not least, it does look like this will be a limited edition production run, so for those who have already ordered it’s a great place in line. For others who would like to grab one, the best advice is to wait until it is in stock at Seeed.

Sorry for the delay, it’s still on the way! Please let us know if we can do anything to help!


I am happy to hear that these are still in the pipe. I look forward to getting my hands on my copy. Out of curiosity, am I correct in my perception that Tetris will be a permanent game, while a second game can be uploaded by the user? I am getting this feeling by looking at the top right switch.

Yep! You are correct, there are 2 chips, a 328p running Tetris and a 32u4 with user code. The switch on the right switches between games.

Getting the two chips to program and play nice with each other has been a real challenge and a big part of the delay we have been having.

We think we’ve cracked that nut and just trying to correct our circuit boards for the last time!

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That is pretty fantastic! If the next gen of Arduboys had a similar setup, this feature could allow them to either have two different games, or even a two-part game. Oh, the possibilities!

It would be easier just to allow loading games, or game parts, from a SD card.


The advantage of this setup is that the software can be fully protected within the other chip. Doing something with an SD card would expose the game files which for trademarked software isn’t going to work :frowning2:

So Arduboy 2 may be aimed a commercial gaming, not just homebrew?

We welcome all developers to the table if it’s an established brand then that’s great! Tetris actually contacted us to build this custom for them! :slight_smile:

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Excited to see a photo of the Tetris system! I’m hanging in there for the pre-orders to ship. Interesting fact that Tetris contacted you to build this. Guess it will be a collectors item of sorts for the folks that did persist until the end. :smile:

Did any of the Tetris editions make it to Europe?

Still… working… on… it… :grimacing: Thank you so much everyone for hanging on, it’s giving us a heck of a time in production but we still work on it every day.


Will it be available on Seeed? Or did I miss that opportunity as well?

Might be available on Seeed, we are trying to get them to carry the remainder of the production. I’ll have to write a book one day about everything that happened since the original prototype video went viral. It’s been a crazy journey. Thanks everyone for sticking with us!


Still waiting patiently on mine, now I wish I ordered two so I can keep one in the box haha

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I purchased one for a friend, I wish I purchased one for me too!!

Still cranking on it! Every day we get a little closer. Right now just revising the Quality Assurance step to make sure these all come 100% awesome in every box!


is it too late to add another to my preorder? probably, right?