Tetris system! are they still releasing the unit? [Yes]

Hello Kevin, any news (good or bad) about this topic?
You mention an end of January deadline in your earlier post, technically there’s still 1 day left :wink: but were you able to resolve the quality issues of the microcards?

Any new info?
I ordered this in JUNE last year, still waiting :sob:.

Good news! :thumbsup:


Spill the beans!!:relaxed:


Hello Kevin, what’s the good news? :wink:


The tension!

I’m looking forward to hearing the news.

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Sounds like it’s coming soon, I’m so excited.

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Just checking in, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard about the Tetris pre-orders. Turns out I had to have heart surgery this month. Enjoying my three Arduboy units (two Kickstarter, one pre-order) during the recovery period. The arrival of the purple Tetris card would make my day! :sunglasses: Love the new Arduboy.com web site, also noticed your comment in the FAQ section. So exciting!

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Any news? Still wating for the Tetris Microcard. It’s been a long time since we heard about this.

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The latest update is the final final production will ship on the 22nd of March. This is good news! We will be contacting everyone individually for updates to shipping information if necessary.

Also feel free to reach out to us directly at www.arduboy.com/contact/ if you need some more help with the pre-order.


YAY!, :grinning:
thank you for the update.

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Welcome back thread.

We realize that due to the post on this thread some users may have pre-ordered the MicroCard expecting the 2 chip solution.

We were unable to get this to work and had to cancel it but we didn’t want to cancel the whole project. Originally the product was intended to just have Tetris, but given the real success from open source community I tried to put a sneaky surprise and give an extra chip to everyone. It seemed to work, in prototype testing, everything was fine. We built 1,000 units and in long-term testing they all would eventually die due to interference between the chips.

I realize the communication should have been made at that time to everyone that the expectations should have changed, but it took us a while to formalize that, and it ended up in the pre-order shipping announcement.

It should be noted that we never updated the product page to indicate the second chip upgrade because we never initially planned it for production, again it was meant as a surprise and I thought it would be exciting to show off. But I spilled the beans, let the cat out of the bag, counted my chickens before they were hatched and this is where we are now today.

All of this is compounded by the fact I’m limited on what I’m able to share because this product represents the Tetris brand in addition to my own which why you may notice this topic is now unlisted.

Rest assured, if you have any problem with your MicroCard we are here to help. Please use the contact form to reach us and let us know how we can better serve you.