Thank you!

I’ve been going full stack on the Arduboy FX-C and Mini over the past few days and realized that this is all from contributions from users that it “just works” a little like magic.

Installing the bootloader and stuff makes me realize it’s just a 32u4 and a display without everything everyone has put into it.

Obviously the monumentally important @Pharap @MLXXXp @Mr.Blinky who are just absolute wizards and have contributed so much to the development of the Arduboy I’d literally be lost without them.

@filmote and @eried both expanding the reach of the catalog by making it easy to access with the game libraries and I have used the uploader tool countless times when I needed to quickly upload a hex file.

@FManga with his emulator and now @brow1067 and his simulator have been incalculably important in spreading and exposing the world at large to the Arduboy experience. Without them there would be no screen shots or gifs of games, and we would be relegated to world of blurry flickery images to share with others.

And everyone is so generous in helping new users making this place feel like a friendly and productive place to learn about 8 bit gaming.

Of course thank you to all of the other game developers I don’t have the time to thank, but your credits are all over this website. Over 300 games is beyond my belief. When I started Arduboy, I thought it would be lucky to see a couple dozen games, and I never thought the quality would be what it is. Awesome work!

So anyways, as Arduboy moves into a new chapter with the FX-C and the Mini I also hope to refresh the website bringing the emulator and catalog of games to the front page. As well guides linked from the front page how to build your own DIY Arduboy and get started coding. I’d like to try to move into a phase where I can promote the website and the online emulator, make it work well on mobile, and the hardware becomes a secondary thing you can get if you really like it.

From there it would be great to have the full stack on the website… the ability to edit code, images and even sound directly on the site and have the ability to compile, build and upload all with one button. Completely seamless ability to navigate the entire arduboy catalog down to the source code and then build it back up and be playing the full cart, all with a simple gui interface. Maybe even scratch type visual block code. We can dream!

Anyways, thanks again! Can’t wait to have everything in stock soon!

p.s. completely unrelated buy interesting news Super Impulse said they were gonna make new micro arcades.


Sorry, whats the FX-C?

The current pre-orders and future of the FX has a usb-c port. It’s not fully announced I’m waiting for prototypes to come in before changing the sales page if for some nightmare reason I have to switch back to the old design.


I think we’ve all enjoyed being part of this, thanks for having the idea to start with. :sunglasses:


It’s a great community that I am glad to contribute to. :grinning:


Thank you all <3

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Just to close the loop on this, a nightmare reason did happen (changes to the mold, if not perfect on the first try would push production into next year) so the Arduboy FX with Micro-USB is in production until further notice.

Continue being awesome everyone!