The Arduboy Retropie Dock

As i was anyway thinking the Arduboy dock needs some more feature i have now built this tiny thing. Will work as the Arduboy dock headless but will also already have some games and emus included :slight_smile: Target is to have retropie with also pico-8 on it. But as the Arduboy dock only works with an older version of jessie i could not take the retropie image.
I have the 2017 jessie on it with the dock already working. Screen (with touch) is also already working. Next will be to install retropie and some emulators.

If i chose wrong categorie please move accordingly :slight_smile: thanks

Probably someone savvy on linux could figure out why the serial ports stay opened after the reset on newer versions of raspbian. I am not very into linux

This of Course would be great :slight_smile: But i already have a working Desktop Environment with your dock running in Background. Works great. I am working on the housing now and next will be to add some games and check if the Buttons are working. I was not yet able to test them. So far i am happy :slight_smile: Will release the files again and will give some advice on how to build if someone wants to do so. Somehow i am too stupid to get pico-8 running… The “easiest” part i am not able to manage yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Housing is done. It got a bit thick as i only had a 1300 mah Lipo here but already ordered something else so maybe there will be a new version soon. Until then i will release the .stl and infos on thingiverse. This time with build pictures etc :wink:

Here with screen on and Doom at least in a Window. Need to configure and also buttons seem to not yet work

And turned off again a powerbank for the Arduboy :slight_smile:

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Had to go through some try and error but finally got the setup i want up and running. Had to take an older retropie image, install driver and button setup manually and setup the dock script. Will have to put some games on it and will retry pico-8 in emulationstation but so far all works.


Seems pico-8 will not run on jessie as it requires glibc 2.28 and/or 2.27 (get error about both) and it seems jessie only has until glibc 2.19 :frowning:

Then i have to stick to other games.

:rofl: the new dll hell jumped platforms… it is actually such a pain in linux IMHO, always is a quest of googling for the magic bash snippet that fixes it.