The boy that Rides a Unicycle | Game Jam 4

This is my first Game Jam and here is my first game ever!

The boy that rides a Unicycle

This is a pretty basic game where you are a boy that rides a unicycle (obviously :smile:). You were magically transported into a dungeon where a spikey machine is trying to kill you. You must avoid it for as long as you can!

This was created by me, @Johnnydb.

Link to game:

This game’s license is MIT.



Could you please post a screenshot or gif of gameplay as well? :slight_smile: I can’t play it right now but am curious!

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Here you go @drummyfish!



Thanks, going to give it a go :slight_smile:

Is the title reference to the meme?


Plays nicely! Good job :slight_smile:

I think I sometimes see a bug where the spikey jumps from the bottom of the screen right to the top. I am going to investigate it.


Or is it supposed to? Looks like it is from the code. I thought it was just supposed to bounce off the wall, but it can also wrap around the screen, right?


You can replace the whole spikeyMovement function with this if you want shorter code:

void moveSpikey() { // it's best to name functions with verbs
  spikey.x += moveRight ? 1 : -1; // move according to direction (using ternary operator)
  spikey.y += moveDown ? 1 : -1;
  const int w = WIDTH - SPIKEY_WIDTH;
  const int h = HEIGHT - SPIKEY_HEIGHT;
  if (spikey.x >= w || spikey.x < 0) // if outside bounds
    if (rand() % 5 == 0)
      spikey.x = (spikey.x + w) % w; // wrap around the screen
      moveRight = !moveRight; // change direction (bounce)

  if (spikey.y >= h || spikey.y < 0) // if outside bounds
    if (rand() % 5 == 0)
      spikey.y = (spikey.y + h) % h; // wrap around the screen
      moveDown = !moveDown; // change direction (bounce)
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You’re welcome!

No it is not a reference to a meme.

Yes, that is not a bug in the game, it was fully intentional.

Thanks for the code!

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