The Forbidden Configuration / The Unholy Alliance


I want one! :open_mouth:

They must be constructed of nearly unobtainable components. Even then, I cannot guarantee what terrors or miracles you might summon in doing so.


Ha I was gonna do this but also try the gold button in yellow.

I also think gold buttons will rock in my gold backed red Arduboy it’s like a Ferrari.

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The all-white one reminds me of the first iPods from the early 2000s, though much much thinner of course :grin:

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Tetris microcard buttons + normal Arduboy

… but the A/B black buttons? :thinking:




The gold buttons look awesome on the Tetris microcard


I regret not pressing my suggetion of having white buttons for the special edition more.

The white buttons on black looks even better than I imagined.

Agreed. Purple and gold work really well together. Very regal.

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LOL when I bought mine I had no idea they had colors available. I wish I’d looked for a blue one.

These were only sold during the original kickstarter, you’ve got to find them on ebay now.


I assumed it would be something like that, but I imagine I could have found one for not too much more if I spent some time looking. not a big deal really, I like the aesthetic of the standard Arduboy just fine.

For the record, I’m not really a huge fan of this gold button thing, you are going to have to thank @JO3RI for that one.

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The white go great with the Arduventure backplate.

@bateske you read that? Next Arduboy purple with gold buttons? :grin:

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But I want Pink with mini doughnuts for buttons.

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I have pink somewhere in cold storage.

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Hmm … pink and purple …

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It looks as yummy as the purple

Then there’s the early models with the cherry buttons

Then the Titanium backed and 9ct gold
It’s sad but this is the stuff I think of whilst laying in bed…I’ve even noted the changes to the battery terminals and screw heads :joy:

Btw it’s my birthday on the 28th…:wink: