The Frog Project (Help wanted)


Hello, my name is Paulo and I love this small console, but sadly I dont interact here often.
Recently I started to be involved in gamejams as an artist, making sprites/2D art in general, I don’t have any experience programming. I took part on 2 gamejams soo far (that I submitted a project): Buddy Up Jam: Winter 2022 and Black and White Jam #8↷∞. In both gamejams I was part of a team, but in both we used my games ideas. In the first one i feel that we overscooped alot for a jam game, in the second one i think we did a great job and the game turned out really short and fun.

First gamejam game i work with:CAPY-VIRUS

Second gamejam game i work and the subject of this post: Project Frog

The Concept
arduboy mockup

The idea for the game was pretty simple, it was just a frog that jumps around to destroy robots by pressing their auto-destruction buttons. The most important part of the game is the jump mechanic, because the game would still be fun in a more standard plataforming game world. After the end of the jam i started to think how the game is simple, fun and only uses 2 colours, soo that would be a great game to port to the Arduboy.

Of course that an Arduboy game have much more limitations, I don’t have any idea if this kinda of gameplay is possible yet, but this post is for this reason.

What have I done soo far?

The answer is not much really, I’ve made almost every sprite I think would be used on the game.

The frog sprites
arduboy frog

Heart HP UI
arduboy heart

Canon Enemy and Bullet
arduboy cannon
arduboy bullet

arduboy missile

arduboy explosion

Small robot enemy
arduboy minion

Big Robot Torso
arduboy torso

Big Robot Arm
arduboy robot arm

Button (I will remake because it’s too big at the moment)
arduboy button

What’s this Project?

Basically making a “demake” of the “Project Frog” for the Arduboy. I’m here to ask for help for anyone that feels interested in work on this project, because in the moment I only can do art assets and maybe level design. Soo if you think this an interesting game concept please just join me here :smiley:

Feel free to ask any questions about this.


Really like your designs - the art and game looks great.

There’s some other nice games from the B&W game jam too~

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