The gold Arduboys

On the kickstarter they had limited edition gold ones. Did they ever get shipped? if so i want to see it, because it probably looks really dope!

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Yep we shipped them! You can search online for the pictures I’m pretty sure. We saw them show up on twitter for sure!

I found these pics floating around the internet. :slight_smile:

Oh God I want one. But of course they cost money and are unavailable. Theoretically you could make one get a yellow one then 3d print the back, laser etch it or stencil it, paint it, then voila gold Arduboy

The gold backed Arduboy’s weren’t restricted to having only the yellow circuit board, so you could buy any colour you like.

And why 3D print the back? Just paint and etch the back that comes with it.

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Well yes, but then the paint could chip off, and it may look cheesy. Just 3d print it because any scratches to the back wouldn’t expose the old color, and you’ll be amazingly cheap.