The Included Micro USB cables Could Use Improvement

I love the included micro USB cables, I do. They’re adorable, portable, and easy to take care of. There’s little risk of breaking them by getting tangled with other wires because they’re so short, and they feel nice to use. But something I’ve noticed after getting a few arduboys is that the cable never seems to last very long. I get about a month, maybe two of good usage out of them before the data points start acting up, followed by the power. I definitely haven’t been abusing them and I’ve been rather careful not to be too aggressive with handling them after the first two failed so shortly. But even still I’m finding this to be an issue in about the same time. Maybe it’s because the cables are so thin? I’d love for them to be more than just display cables but I seem to be accumulating a number of them at this point, and don’t really want to bother with trying to fix them if it’s going to be a recurring issue.

Anybody else experiencing the same thing? I’ve seen mention of the cables breaking after extreme use, but seeing as I haven’t been very extreme with them(at all), almost feels like some sort of trickster-level bad luck that I have :sweat_smile:

Anyone else have this issue? I’ve heard a couple times but I don’t think that all of them should fail, especially so soon. To be fair, they aren’t really intended to be used full time, assuming you’ve already got micro-usb cables that are longer. More as a novelty and something to use in a pinch, or maybe when you first get it and you don’t have a cable handy.

But they certainly shouldn’t all be dying in the first month.

If you need more cables let me know through

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