The Licensed Badge

Today, I did the Advanced Tutorial with discobot on this forum. I got a badge called Licensed for completing the tutorial. I realized I am the only person with the badge meaning that I am the only person who took time out of their life on this forum for the badge.

Of course now that I say this, people might get the badge. I don’t think Discourse (the platform this forum runs on) advertised the Advanced Tutorial that well.

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I have no idea where the tutorial even is.
How did you find it?
It might be a new thing, they recently made some big changes.

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If you go to the discobot messages and send him @discobot start advanced user, it will start the advanced tutorial. I found out about it by typing @discobot display help because I was bored.

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That makes sense.

I think discobot is a more recent addition (e.g. last year or two) and almost nobody knows how to use it, or at least they don’t bother talking to it.

I’ll link to a discussion about the advanced tutorial from discourse meta:

Speaking of badges … I got a ‘Devotee’ badge today and I am the only one. Its a badge that deocuments my sad existence.


I used to be the only person with an ‘Empathetic’ badge until @crait got one last month.

There’s a load of one-off joke badges from early in the Arduboy life cycle,
but no new ones have been made in at least a year as far as I can tell.

Good job! You officially use your computer a lot. :rofl:

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I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed or proud.


You’re the envy of… well, at least some people, maybe not everyone.


@Grant, you might want to look at that badge again…:grinning:


How dare you and @Pharap steal my special badge.


I did complete the “advanced tutorial” and the badge I got was NOT the one for advanced license. IDK why.
@Grant, good job you found out that bit about Discobot.
Wasn’t aware of it until I stumbled upon that message…6 month after I join the forum. lol…

He stole your badge?! Aww… (bt Idc anyway)

the scorcher of earth, the “Is Awesone”, the “rice bow repair” and some others.
But now that we are super not on-time about the badge thing…

Perhaps because you didn’t complete the beginner tutorial first?

You need to do @discobot start new user before @discobot start advanced user.

Unfortunately the admin logs don’t record automated badges, only badges awarded by humans so I can’t tell if you actually received a badge or not.