The Quest for Truth - An RPG-style platformer

Hello hello sleepy community,

I just kinda finished my first Arduboy game and I thought maybe some of you would like it. It’s a platformer game with elements of RPG and puzzle-solving challenges. It’s called The Quest for Truth.


Download the hex: here

A/Z : jump/confirm
S/X : fire/cancel
left-right : move
up : enter house
down : menu

As you probably can tell, I’m really bad with graphics. So if anyone is inspired to help me improve it or make a even better sequel, give me a shout (source is available here) !

Merry Christmas!

TheQuestForTruth-1.0.0.hex (78.8 KB)


PS: I love this emulator but the frame rate seems to go a bit erratic on me. Did I do something wrong?


The emulator runs a little slower than the real hardware.

This is cool I love stick figure art :smiley:

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Awesome job. I desperately want to design my own game - Berzerk! Need the time! Will try harder now I’ve seen yours! Well done.


Cool! Thanks for playing it!

My advice is to make a TODO list and divide the tasks as much as possible!


If you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Greatly appreciated! Hope you all have an enjoyable New Year!


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I like this game. Graphics are fine. It’s creative and interesting. Kind of reminds me of a combination of games on C64, Speccy and early dos games by Apogee.

Looking forward to your next game.

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Thanks! I love games from Apogee!

Played it and it’s pretty fun. Graphics are fine, it’s a unique aesthetic :wink: