The sea destroyed my Arduboy :/

Happened few hours after this video :confused: :


WHOA. I can’t believe you made this! I wouldn’t have had the time… I would have been swimming on that fantastic-looking beach! Over in my part of Texas, it’s 107 degrees!


For a moment then I almost said “humans can’t survive that, water boils at 100” and then I remembered…

Have you tried packing them in rice?
The rice should absorb the moisture and might possibly get them working again.

(If not, boil the rice and eat it - the salt water will have given it a nice flavour probably. :P)


Err … he is talking about the sea taking his sand-made Arduboy, isn’t he?

Sand made?
He made an Arduboy shaped sand castle?

For the record, the video isn’t showing up for me .
I don’t know why but Twitter never likes my browser setup no matter how I adjust my settings.

Right … with out the video, you will not see his 40 foot work of art!

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That’s really awesome! It’s a shame that the waves ruined it, but at least you have an excellent video of it.

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I dug out one of my other browsers to view it.

Impressive size for a sand-scratching (or whatever the technical term is).

Moved the thread to ‘general’ in case anyone else can’t see the video and thus doesn’t understand what’s going on.

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Yes, the waves covered it and then it was not there anymore in the morning :beach_umbrella:


I guess you could say your sand arduboy got a burial at sea?!?!

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Here is in full res :smiley:

:cry: snif.


I can see it this time.

(By the way, you can upload certain video formats directly to the forums. .webm usually works, I don’t know about any others.)

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It was probably just the forum integration with Twitter. In either case I’ve just pasted the link to the twitter post (first post) or YouTube (second).

I also live in the DFW and I practically can’t go outside unless I’m swimming. But, I am just fine staying inside playing with my Arduboy.