The Social Distance Game

thesocialdistancegame_v1.1.0.hex (35.1 KB)

Get more points by keeping your distance from pedestrians and make your community proud. Ultimately, you should really be at home so at some point you’ll lose lol.

After playing a few games and following the pong tutorial, I decided to make this mini-game to figure out my development flow and rekindle my long-forgotten C++ dance moves (so many things have changed…).

Feel free to check out my humble source code


D-PAD - Movement
A/B - Pause

Hope everyone is safe throughout this pandemic!


The game is very creative. May we get through this bad covid-19 in safety. In the actual game, the player is still a few pixels away from the crowd, but still triggers damage, the game can be improved!


Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I went for simple bounding box collision, I’ll double check the formula and try to replicate

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That’s probably because you’re supposed to keep a distance of a least 2 metres/6 feet. :P

For future reference, Arduboy2 provides a function for bounding box collision checking:

That might save you a bit of time/effort next time.

If you’re planning to learn all the new C++11 features,
I recommend starting with constexpr, enum class and the fixed-width types,
because they’re the ones you’ll probably find most useful on Arduboy.

(Note that Arduino doesn’t have the C++ standard library, so std::size_t and the fixed width types are available in the global namespace instead. E.g. size_t, uint8_t, uint16_t…)


This is really good to know. I only looked at the Sprite API when working on collisions, I should probably read through a bit more :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much! This game and platform has been a great motivator for me to use C++ after a good few years. I do want to continue to make games and not get overly bogged down by the language. The direction helps :slightly_smiling_face:



This reminds me of a game I’ve thought of making about walking in crowded areas in asia where people seem like they intentionally cut you off while you are walking as if to gain social status points in their own mind.


So many real world video games we play. Makes me wonder why we do what we do

Survival, on many levels.

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Indeed, this argument cannot be refuted :joy:
In that case, you don’t have to delete this feature, but draw a box showing the collision box range


The saying goes “write what you know”, and the one thing everyone knows is the circumstances of the real world.
Even in fantasy games society usually resembles real-world society, be it ancient or modern.

Also social commentary and the ancient tradition of satire play a big role.
This game is certainly the latter.

If it really was the intent then circle-based collisions would probably work better.
(It’s a 2 metre radius, not a 2-metre box. :P)

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Social distancing I’m great at but why are all these people running to me like they want to show me a funny photo of cat


Maybe you have a cute puppy and everyone wants to come say hello.


This reminds me of visiting Walmart, especially back in March when the toilet paper panic was happening. I’ll just pretend these guys are riding around on rolls of TP…


Cat photos, puppies, rolls of anti-gravity TP. The beauty of the reason is in the eye of the beholder.

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Uhhh that thumbnail is trash,

It’s a video game about helping shoppers in a store that plays like a horror game.


yes it is the most perfect form of what is even going on? Just Beautiful

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Hey @LHW, thanks again for your feedback. My code is much better as I’m working on my next Arduboy game so I thought I’ll tidy things up with this one. The collision uses the Arduboy’s library function + the bounding box fits the sprites’ images more closely. Hopefully it’s better if you ever go at it again :slight_smile:

If you’d like some advice or suggestions at any point, feel free to ask.

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Thank you! It’s highly likely I might take you up on that offer haha. Tbh, a lot of your responses to other posts have helped a lot.

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Thanks, I try to provide as much advice as I can out in the open precisely for that reason:
so that others may stumble open it while looking around the forum.
(Though I do also provide advice and opinions in PMs sometimes.)