The Tetris Microcard and Arduboy FX

I am considering purchasing one of the recently rediscovered Tetris cards but before dipping in would like to know if the upcoming FX mod will be applicable to it. I have no knowledge of how these things work but am under the impression that other than the volume switch, rotated OLED screen, and official licensed Tetris game, the Microcard is identical to a normal Arduboy.
Can anybody tell me if it’s possible? Thanks in advance!

The Tetris microcard is a bit different. It’s not reprogrammable like the normal Arduboy unless you open it and use another Arduino as a programmer.

Thanks for the quick response!
Does that mean I need to use another Arduino everytime I would like to upload a new game, or just the first time I change from the Tetris it comes loaded with?

Only if you are trying to flash a new game on the Tetris microcard. And to be honest putting the other games made for the screen horizontally on the microcard is not really usefull unless you make your own vertical games.

Me and Filmote worked on a vertical game for it but there ain’t many anyway.

Another thing is that I am not sure of the legality of talking about this here as it belongs to the Tetris Company.

Well that settles it! I’ll just get them a regular Arduboy and they can join me in anticipation for the FX mod.
Thanks for the help!
PS: The Curse of Astarok is great! Keep up the good work!


Yep, get an Arduboy! You can’t go wrong!


Thanks … I am glad someone likes it!


Hey, i like it too, it’s one of my favorite games!

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