There are new problems with cloning arduboy, please help me!

Pro Micro 5V 16M
After burning the bootloader. After uploading the game using “Arduboy Uploader”, unplug the USB, it will always display “USB boot”

did you download all the arduboy libraries?

You’ve burned the FX bootloader which is looking for the w25q128 flash module which I don’t see installed.

If you are wanting to use a normal arduboy without the flash you should not use the cathy3k bootloader, just the normal arduino one.

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You can use the Cathy3K bootloader perfectly fine. However you should burn the Game version rather then the Menu version. So it starts with the game when powering it on

As a side note. you can keep using the Cathy3K **menu** version bootloader. But you'll have to press the A or B button to launch the game.
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Well yes you CAN use it but understand it will behave differently than a normal bootloader, and if you don’t understand those differences it might be better to stick with the normal one.

Later I found out that 25Q128 was not loaded, I didn’t have 128 and I added 64, so I can burn the game to 25Q64. Disconnect the USB power supply, the external power supply can run the game, but the screen display is abnormal. I choose BOOTLOADER uploaded by SH1106.

Yeah I don’t know about that display, I know the games have to be converted for it.