Thoughts about a game binary database

These are just some thoughts i had after a discussion with non-coder friends.

Yesterday at a party i’ve showed my arduboy to a couple of friends. The first reactions where super positive but then some question came and the enthusiasm dropped.
“Is there a sd card slot?”
“How do i put games on this?”

After some talk and clarification, the fact that you can only have one game at a time wasn’t that bad. But everybody shared the same opinion that compiling code in an ide is too complicated for them and all they want is to drag n drop the game on their arduboy. That would be a must have for them to get one.

I actually support that simplicity and that’s why i thought about a website which stores all games as compiled hex files which you can download and upload with the arduboy hex uploader.

I imagine something like an app store where a developer can create a new project and upload version with description and manuals and where normal users can search, stumble around and download the games.

No user has to worrie about libraries, compiler warning or whatsoever and will have a always working version of the game.

What do you guys say?


Codebender and @noopkat’s creation are what we have so far. @fuopy was also working on an online IDE.

All of @akkera102’s code uses a python script to upload to the Arduboy.

And lastly checkout AVRChick, an extension for Chrome. It is actually very much on the radar to finish an Arcade, so thanks for getting the ball rolling in open discussion! I know this was something a few people tackled a couple months ago, so there are some threads around concerning hex loaders.

We will implement a web form for game submission, right now we are all still tinkering, so the forums are working better than expected. The master list is getting a bit stale though. We use Ruby on Rails, so if an engine that is used to submit games wants to be worked on publicly, I’m ok with that :smiley:


I also would like to add that really easy uploading of hex files comes to the Arduboy with the addition of a unique USB id to the unit. Right now one will have to poll the com over and over until it becomes active again, that is one of the major hiccups for uploading a hex. You need to induce a restart in the unit, find the unit, and then start sending the hex after a certain byte sequence is sent down the wire to the unit. So timing is sort of important.

This also explains why a moderately bunk USB cable will not upload the hex properly after being compiled. I’m thinking the signal becomes degraded and out of sync to where the upload is terminated.

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Hey! Check out this thread: ROM installer for Windows & Mac (and Linux?)

Everyone’s excited about their Arduboy for different reasons so some people don’t see this missing feature to be that big of a deal breaker. Of course, there’s a lot of people wanting this and could actually kill people’s excitement for the product… As you can see in that thread, there are definitely some people excited about working on something like this.

As @ekem said, @noopkat has a cool .hex uploader for Max, Linux, and Windows:

@Dreamer3 also has made a .hex uploader that works as a Chrome app in Windows and OSX (and possibly Linux?) that seems simple, too. Teaser: Arduboy binary .hex Installer

Aside from that, I’m working on an online repo/catalog that a user can browse games and download them straight to their device.

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Yeah i know all of that. :smiley:
The cool thing is your last sentence! That’s what i’m talking about.
Dev’s should upload their binaries so ppl can just download and drag n drop install them. :unicorn:

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Totally agree! That’s what I’m working to do. I’ll even make a front-end so developers can upload their games straight to the database. (I’ll probably have some kind of review process.)

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Oh man i’m really excited. I love this little thing and you ppl are make it even bettter. thank you all for doing this.
#needToFinishMyGame :'D

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