Thoughts on 8bitcade XL?

I rediscovered the Arduboy via the 8bitcade XL kickstarter campaign (although they barely mention arduboy). I’ve now ordered an Arduboy FX and can’t wait for it to arrive.

I’m considering backing the 8bitcade XL too as this could be a more comfortable size to test on etc.

My issue is that I don’t think that 8bitcade does a good job of acknowledging & crediting arduboy as it’s clearly heavily based on it and that makes me question backing it. I don’t want to support a plagiaristic project.

What are your thoughts?

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Its clearly an arduboy clone. Not sure i like how its using games i worked on to sell their clone either. Personally i wotked on games to support Kevin and his Arduboy. Not for other to make money from it… But yeah, open source makes it easy for people to do whatever they want.


One thing to consider is that the 8bitcade display has a different controller than the one used by the Arduboy. You won’t be able to just upload .hex files compiled for the Arduboy. You’ll have to recompile from source using a custom version of the library (although I think @Mr.Blinky has a way to patch .hex files, as well).


The project is not affiliated or officially supported by Arduboy, but it doesn’t misuse the trademark either. I wish they would be more obvious and forthcoming about where all the games came from, but it’s an OK kit.

If you want to put together your own large screen Arduboy, and trust their company (I have no idea), then maybe you could try it out.

I have plans for my own Arduboy XL that will make this thing look like a joke, but it’s still secret and not available yet soooooo…


The display patch won’t work as the 8BitCade XL uses a ProMicro with the alternate wiring scheme. Games that are not part of the included collection would need to be recompiled.

Is that a confirmation that Arduboy XL will have a cool enclosure?:slightly_smiling_face:


Ohhh, I didn’t know this was a thing, I’m in no rush. I’ll crack on with the FX for now and jump on the XL whenever you get it done.

It’s a secret!

I share details about my secret projects during live twitch streams and to a few members of the community that are helping me with them.

I actually have a few secret projects!

They do mention it in the video at 0:24

Yeah, they do “mention” but I’m more critical of the text and just “how” it’s presented. Like I’ve said before I don’t have anything bad to say about it, but I don’t really have anything good to say about it either.


It’s probably worth pointing out that at this stage it’s as much if not more @Mr.Blinky work than mine.