TI-84 game to Arduboy?

I had an idea. In highschool, I was the guy who ran Mario, Tetris, DK, and more on my TI-84 Plus Silver calculator all during my classes. (I still made A’s tho :wink: )
While awaiting my arduboy to arrive, I was thinking, would it be possible to convert those games to the Arduboy? Processing power cant be much different, and the screen size I believe would be relatively similar (or could be adjusted.)
I am not a programer or anything, but after doing some research, it seems the TI84 programs run off of BASIC, I know that Arduino runs off C/C++. Is there a way to convert these programs? That would greatly increase the number of available games, since TI84 games are plentiful (and most are quite good).
The only thing that I thought may be a problem is: in order for the games to play on the TI84, they would have to be installed into a specific program, Mirage. Would this program also have to be converted, and then games run through it?
Honestly, idk if this is even remotely possible. It was just something that I thought of, and thought would be very cool if possible.
This is about the extent of my knowledge on the topic, so I will leave the rest up to you, community.

Some data:

Game library:

So personally what I see is:
== Pros ==

  • similar screen resolution and processor speed
  • game library gives lots of ideas.

== Cons ==

  • Calculator has order-of-magnatude more memory and storage (24K vs 2.5K RAM, 1.5M vs 32K flash)
  • very few games provide their source code, so some chasing of autthors or reverse engineering needed.
  • Z80 vs Atmel - completely different processors and instruction types.

So, porting = interesting, but much work required.

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Ah ok. In glad someone who know’s their stuff responded.
So likely just more work than replicating the games/making entirely new games.
Thanks for you research and response