Tile Map Demo


A few people have asked me how to make a tile map recently, so I thought I’d publish an easy to find simple demo demonstrating how to do so.

Ideally I’d someday like to write a tutorial about how to make a tile map that also introduces all the concepts involved, but for now this should hopefully suffice. I’ve included a good deal of comments which should help to explain things, but if anyone has any particular questions about the code, feel free to ask below.


TileMapDemo.ino.hex (21.9 KB)


Licence & Credits

The code is all CC0, so you can do what you like with it (even not bother to leave a credit, though I’d be happier if you did).

The tiles used are also all CC0. They were taken from images provided by @drummyfish in this old thread. (Again, you don’t need to provide credit for using these, but I prefer to do so when I can.)