Time for a new special edition arduboy?

Circuit dude is clearly white and that new sparkly blue guy that runs on the flashy technology is an imposter from another dimension…actually different coloured circuit dudes in multiplayer could be fun. @crait please start working on a bomberman like circuit dude where the players battle it out trapping each other in the puzzles.

@bateske just give us that 32u4 based microcard in any random colour and be done with it you know we will all buy it :wink:


Are you sure? I mean a few hundred… but then you’re splitting the ecosystem into games that are in one format or another. I’ve thought a lot about making the next version of the hardware with a portrait screen like the microcard, just to make it really different than the original Arduboy. And it would be a lot easier to fit the SD card.


Yes, yes, yes! I want one (for 1943)!


You mean he is only pretending to be the real circuit dude😱?


That’s his alter ego evil dude, look at the eyes.

Or he got real cranky after weight loss.

@bateske we already have games in both formats. Why not run a Kickstarter for 500 -1000 units? You already have the mounds and probably eagle files from the microcard.


I’m assuming you mean molds. The problem is for the plastic parts the minimum production run is 5,000 units. The special edition uses the same front cover… And I convinced the factory to stock excess inventory so we’ve got another 4,000 units worth of gold buttons to use. But the front cover is the hard part because its clear and has the metal inserts in it. The injection mold factory usually takes nearly a month just to get that part being produced correct so really they don’t wan’t to make less than 10,000 units.

Not to mention we ran into problems with the metal inserts causing the plastic to crack on those, so we might need to look at the engineering of the mold again.

It’s probably just not happening. Maybe for the next hardware but probably not… the current look and feel makes inspires retro feeling, with it rotated… it is more unique but it isn’t immediately clear to people what the product is. But when you look at an Arduboy you instantly know what it is meant to do.

Like I mentioned elsewhere, I would be more interested in a 128x128 monochrome screen that we could use, but screens are even more of an issue than plastic is.

Arduventure also worked really well because it was a game people were waiting on for years. While there are a lot of really good high quality games out there… they are already released, negating the value people perceive when backing the campaign to aid in it’s production.

The Special Edition was fun but it also took an immense amount of my time away from developing new hardware. At this point I want to build something new for people to play around with instead of just rotating the screen or changing the color of the PCB.


Ahh snipered by autocorrect :joy:.

I’m guessing the numbers would be too high also for a naked system that we could switch out in our microcards. Whilst official hardware is preferred I guess this is something that could be pursued by the community.

Developer kit for a music focused system with the same SAM21D and SSD card as the next Arduboy will have?


Miniature solid state drives? :P

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Now we could possibly store a bitcoin on one!

Is there anything keeping people from using a programmer on a microcard and simply porting 1943 to it?

Nope…But if you lost your backup of official Tetris your in a bad place.
The advantage of having a 32u4 based micro card is the games remain accessible to all with just a alteration to the direction buttons.

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Most of the games would be hard to play sideways, and I suspect that those who would want a vertical arduboy already have a regular one. If that’s really the case, porting the vertical games (all 2 of them) to the 328 might be good enough.

I guess we could…possibly…make do … if maybe we had a compatible emu to test stuff with…:wink:

There’s actually a few more I’m unable to mention.

We… do.   

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insert subreddit name fitting for what just happened here

insert dancing banana It’s almost the weekend i’ll have to take a look at dumping the microcard, I wasn’t aware there was support for 328.

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It’s been there since before there was support for the 32u4.

Edit: I haven’t had a chance to talk to @bateske yet, so there’s no publicly-known way to actually get a hex to run as if it were on a microcard.

thats 1000 D-pad buttton sets? and 2000 A+B button pairs?

Wow! that’s quite a number. Hey everyone lets starts promoting Arduboy intensively so @bateske can sell 10K a month then we can have a new color variation each month :star_struck:

But seriously. Please consider adding a small part of that stock to the shop for spare parts / tinker parts.


I second this.
You won’t shift them if you don’t offer them out.

Maybe do an offer of “regular Arduboy + spare pack of gold buttons” which costs slightly more than just a normal Arduboy - enough to cover the buttons and a small profit on top.

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