Tiny 2048 - smooth moving



tiny 2048 is 2048 clone.


request : “windows” Arduino IDE 1.6.x + "arduboy developer kit"
Arduboy 1.0 not run.

  • download from github
  • pls edit test.bat for your computer(must change COM port number)
  • execute test.bat
  • play it


synthetic process. bit different.
2 + 2 -> 3.
3 + 3 -> 4.
4 + 4 -> 5.
goal is 10.


  • direction : move
  • A+B : reset

Note(my development)

  • compiler : windows Arduino IDE 1.6.7(avr-gcc) + 1.0.6(make.exe)
  • image converter : python 2.6 + PIL
  • etc : Visual Studio 2015 C#

i will remake my project when i got new arduboy. can’t wait.


Looks pretty good! Maybe a video soon?

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@ekem @bateske We need to discuss this. We shouldn’t be encouraging people to upload zips with random “.bat” files in them and expect are users to just download them and blindly run a .BAT file without knowing the security implications of doing this (which are BAD).

This is just a huge accident waiting to happen when someone posts a malicious .BAT file. Downloads should include building instructions. If we want people to be distributing binaries (.HEX) for people to upload we need to sort out a GENERIC way to do it (or make it easier) so that every person isn’t inventing their own custom way and including a .BAT file to attempt it.

Are Arduinos always COM4 and COM5? I’m not even sure this would work on all Windows computers.


If you look at the other thread that this user created, I investigated each script and ran virus scanners on every file. We had a little discussion on the merits of posting source. It has been suggested we can’t limit the way, or try to control the way a user decides to distribute their program.

With akkera we have established them as a trustworthy user, and because we have no defacto official method… well, it works for now, sort of? Ha!

The community section does have a terms of service that covers this sort of thing, and a user should still apply caution to what they are downloading, even from here. But we do need to make it a sane place for admins in terms of auditing uploads.


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I’m on a business trip now.
many sry. pls wait 24 hour.

i will write all topic.

my bit talking.
security is tradeoff. it need balance.

my project added bat and exe.
but no add case…

people must install python and pyserial. or
all developer must use arduino IDE.
IDE is not good. game development.

i selected to no use IDE.
result. it make virus risk and another problem.

if risk is very high, my project will remake.
but virus check safe.
and any developer can see bat file.

my project have problem. i agree.
but not very high.

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top page is fix. this is my first youtube video. :smile:

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thank you for helping me. my explanation done few english word.

my project changed from zip to github.
if you have good idea for CLI development, i will change.

yes. my pc using.

Arduino IDE 1.6.7(tool -> serial port) is COM5.
test.bat is VAL2=COM5. VAL4=COM4.

another pc(asus x205ta) tested.
IDE is COM3.
test.bat is VAL2=COM3. VAL4=COM4.

64bit computer… failure. ouch!
i will fix this tool.

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Definitely not. Windows simply hands out COM port numbers in order. If Arduboy is the 27th “serial port” it has enumerated, you’ll get COM27. (or close to that…)

Anytime. If you need help formatting, editting or translating a post before you submit it, send me a private message. Your post are looking great though. NOTE I only can speak and read english :ok_hand:

And, awesome job getting the project on Github. Thanks for adding to the “Official” Game List as well :smiley: !

Wow! This is actually REALLY smooth! Impressive. :ok_hand:

Haven’t been able to get this (or Tiny Depth) to upload on my production Arduboy using Windows 7 on a 64-bit PC. Tried two different machines with the same basic setup. Interested to hear when the tool is updated. Thanks!

Only these games? If you could record the error messages or desribe what’s happening in another thread we can for sure try to help you out but don’t wanna hijack this thread :smile:

reset program fixed. c# popular bug.
compiler setting changed x86 from Any CPU.

ecs liva mini 64bit pc tested.
IDE is COM5. bat is VAL2=COM5, VAL4=COM6.

arudino IDE have good log.

PORTS {COM5, } / {} => {}
PORTS {} / {COM6, } => {COM6, }
Found upload port: COM6
avrdude: Version 6.0.1, compiled on Apr 15 2015 at 19:59:58
Using Port : COM6

but…i dont have new arduboy. this program no run. sry.

ty arduboy product! i enjoy many times.
im very happy. :slight_smile:

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I’ve fixed the Arduboy 1.0 problems with this game. My pull request is currently pending Akkera102’s approval here: https://github.com/akkera102/03_tiny_2048/pull/1

Just to clarify, with the linked changes, the 2048 game now compiles for either Arduboy Devkit or Arduboy 1.0; so feel free to pull from that branch even on Arduboy Devkit.


Oh, and the same changes should also apply to Akkera102’s other games, but I haven’t tested them yet.

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Just a note for both you and @akkera102. You shouldn’t be defining or using SND_PIN2 (A3), the second speaker pin, on the DevKit (It’s OK to use both on the production Arduboy 1.0).

This is because on the DevKit the two speaker pins are shorted together. If you make them both outputs, and then one goes high while the other is low, it could damage the processor chip. On the DevKit, Pin A3 should be set as an input or just not touched (It will default to input mode).

A discussion of this is here, including some of the preceding and following comments.


perfect source code and makefile!
thank you awesome request!

i will change my 2048.
and your name will add readme.txt :slight_smile:

2048 dont use sound.
but another my game use it.
so snd.c is existence.

another my game will change your proposal too.

pls wait bit.
my country time is 23:27.
just i must sleep lol

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thank you advice.
my project will edit it too.

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I did see your post about doing some damage putting a signal to the wrong pins. @JO3RI might be able to explain more. The music tracker that he did comes with a disclaimer about this. There might be a way to avoid that behavior, but I haven’t looked into it.

Here is the warning from the thread.

Full thread.

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The arduboy uses 2 PINS for sound. The DEVKIT uses 2 different PINS for sound. One of Arduboys sound PINS happen to be a button PIN on the DEVKIT.

The type of PINS used on the DEVKIT are NOT capable of doing tracker music (technical limitations ). So for the Arduboy, it was decided to use other PINS.

With the demo I wanted to give people with a DEVKIT a change of hearing the tracker music too. The only option, was to output the music on the capable PINS (the one of the right button on the DEVKIT). So if you connect a speaker on the right button on the DEVKIT you hear the tracker music. BUT if you would press that button you short circuit that PIN to ground. NOT GOOD ! hence my warning.

That said, a DEVKIT will never be able to play tracker music in a game using all buttons without hacking it (which is very hard)

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