Tiny 2048 - smooth moving


Many thanks comment.
my own thinking… warning dont fear. fear is nothing.

because i and many developer tested tunes.ino(old arduboy library sample).
it can hear 1ch and 2ch. but devkit not destory.
i dont hear the information that was destory in the community.

but! warning is required. one’s own risk.
future, my library will steal arduboy source code.

  // fire up audio pins
#ifdef ARDUBOY_10

SPEAKER_2 no use. only it use 1.0.


only my 2048. fix finish.
added new 1.0 hex file. bat and makefile default setting is 1.0.

define and ifdef… i changed bit my coding style.
pls dont angry. hehehe :wink:

sound probrem result:

#if defined(ARDUBOY_10)

    pinMode(SND_PIN2, OUTPUT);
    Snd.ch[1].pPinPort = portOutputRegister(digitalPinToPort(SND_PIN2));
    Snd.ch[1].pinMask  = digitalPinToBitMask(SND_PIN2);



#if defined(ARDUBOY_10)

    *Snd.ch[1].pPinPort ^= Snd.ch[1].pinMask;



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The information about the DevKit speaker pins being shorted is not widely reported, but it was given in the DevKit Hardware topic under Piezo Speaker:

Two pins, A2 and A3 directly drive a piezoelectric element inside of a
small black plastic housing. Caution there is no circuit protection
these pins: Theoretically there could be some problems with driving both
pins as outputs, we suggest configuring one pin to input. In practice
this has not caused any issues to date but please comment if you have
any issues!

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Unfortunately, the Arduboy library and some of the included examples still have this problem. Fortunately, the ATmega32u4 processor used in the DevKit (and production Arduboy) seems to be robust enough not to be damaged by it. But in any case, it’s not a good idea to do it. Also, it’s good that this isn’t a problem with the production Arduboy.

In the next day or so, I plan to make fixes to the Arduino library V1.2 code to address this problem.

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i more agree too.

after a few months. 1.0 is spread enough.
normal of development will change 1.0 from devkit.
i think modify dont need seriously level.

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This is my new favorite Arduboy game. Hands down. So, thank you! :smiley:

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Game clear! 1540 :smiley: lol I’m gunna have to dig into your code and play around with this :slight_smile: thanks for your work!

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Does that mean this should work ok on the production devices now too?