Tiny Dash

Boulder Dash is one of the games I played my childhood. The game “Tiny Dash” that I made is a clone of this game for the Arduboy.
The goal of the game is to collect all the diamts at each level. You collect the diamonds by digging corridors in the cave. If a diamond or rock falls on you, you die. In some levels there is are fly’s’. If the fly catches you, you will also die. By pressing button A you can try the level again. There are 18 levels.

Tiny-Dash.hex (34.7 KB)

The source code can be downloaded from github (Tiny Dash


This is so great! Love it!! :gem: :gem: :rock:

Thank you. Hopefully the levels are not too easy.

Great game. I enjoyed it even though I am not much of a gamer.

I would like to add Tiny-Dash to the FX Cart Builder from @filmote. His website doesn’t accept my Hex file while it does work well is the Simulator. Does anyone have an idea why that is?