Tiny depth - taste of game watch

Action_Tiny Depth_Tiny Depth.hex


tiny depth is SuperDepth(1991) stage1 clone.
you can play orignal game. it need Adobe flash.


request : “windows” Arduino IDE 1.6.x + "arduboy developer kit"
Arduboy 1.0 not run.

  1. download from github
  2. pls edit test.bat for your computer(must change COM port number).
  3. execute test.bat
  4. play it


  • left, right : move
  • A, B : fire

Note(my development)

  • compiler : windows Arduino IDE 1.6.7(avr-gcc) + 1.0.6(make.exe)
  • image converter : python 2.6 + PIL
  • etc : Visual Studio 2015 C#

Arduboy library and i4arduboy. thank you.
i learned your source code.


Looks sweet, but could you make a version that can be loaded into the Arduino IDE and CodeBender?

ty commnet.

probably i dont make another version. because…

im Gameboy Advance homebrew programmer.
GBA programming(devkitPro) need CLI and gcc.
simple developing is lovely. align the Arduboy development.

my wiki page here. only writting japanese.

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Your program is very cool. I like that you have included the full build solution with scripts. The draw back is it will only build in windows if I’m not mistaken because of the .bat scripts.

Another comment. Releasing software with an executable is always going to make people nervous :smile:.

I did check the tools/reset.exe file with a virus scanner, and its fine. Here is the report. And I do appreciate you putting in the C# file.

Looking through your source can actually be pretty instructive on how to get a binary for a game built without the IDE. Really awesome work.

Tiny Depth for Arduboy

windows版「Arduino IDE」の付属ツールを使って転送します。



左ボタン 左に移動
右ボタン 右に移動
Aボタン 機雷投下、決定

・windows8.1 pro
・Arduino IDE 1.6.7
・Arduino IDE 1.0.6(make.exeのみ使用)


Visual Studio 2015 C#
python 2.7 + pil


v1.00 2015/12/25    とりあえず完成


AVR Memory Usage
Device: atmega32u4

Program:   17710 bytes (54.0% Full)
(.text + .data + .bootloader)

Data:       1620 bytes (63.3% Full)
(.data + .bss + .noinit)

a scary virus. i agree too.
reset.exe should delete from my project.

it was worried before posting to the arduboy community.
avrdude.exe(sending hex file) command option…
arduino community… books… etc…

but i could not find good answer.
for that reason. my compromise proposal. XD

pretty instructive. very ty.
if my free time have, make next game.

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There are ways to do this in Linux and OSX easily, see GitHub - sudar/Arduino-Makefile: Makefile for Arduino sketches. It defines the workflows for compiling code, flashing it to Arduino and even communicating through Serial..

We are trying to decide on a way to upload hex files to the arduboy. Some discussions about the topic can be found below.

i talk arduino development. but it might have made a mistake.

arduboy need to write hex file.
com reset(open and close) is required before processing.
python+pySerial source code here.(my project tool/reset.py)

import serial, time

# COM2
ser = serial.Serial(port=2, baudrate=1200)

official arduino development is not support CLI(*.exe). only IDE.
Arduino-Makefile request python+pySerial.
it does not think that a good way. not simple.

probably avrgirl-arduino is execute file type.

my inspection result… dont surprised :slight_smile:
i hope to any developer make arduboy official reset program(window, mac, linux).

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