Tiny NS-Tower - jump and scroll



tiny NS-tower is NS-TOWER(1990s) clone.
wikipedia is here.


request : “windows” Arduino IDE 1.6.x + "arduboy developer kit"
Arduboy 1.0 not run.

  1. download from github
  2. pls edit test.bat for your computer(must change COM port number)
  3. execute test.bat
  4. play it


player climb tower. goal is 30 floor.


A / left : jump(hold down and release)
up : reset

My development

compiler : windows Arduino IDE 1.6.7(avr-gcc) + 1.0.6(make.exe)
image converter : python 2.6 + PIL
etc : Visual Studio 2015 C#


Beautiful source, as always! : )

I really like how you’ve setup the .ino for your sketch.

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thanks a million.
i always recived your comment.

source code have essence of programming books.

my best books 1 and 2.
code complete by Steve McConnell.
object-oriented software construction by Bertrand Meyer.

sure. i dont read english version.
my country version readed. : )

reading time too many.
but its changed my programming life. lol

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Thanks for the recommends! There is actually a book list going in the lounge, I think two games qualifies you for access to those features : ) Thanks a ton for your awesome contributions.


Sorry for opening an old thread but I’m a little confused with Tiny NS-Tower.

Not with the game but with compatibility. It does say that it will only work on the Dev Arduboy, is this correct?

hmmm im shure it WOULD work, might need to tweak it a bit