Tiny Sokoban - Includes 52 levels



Tiny Sokoban is Sokoban(1982) clone.
It use Yoshio Murase Levels. These levels are very small (no more than 8x8).
But difficult and interesting.

First game, I hope to you play lv3 or lv4. Lv1-2 is hell.


Request : “windows” Arduino IDE 1.6.x + “arduboy developer kit”
Arduboy 1.0 not run.

  1. download from github
  2. pls edit test.bat for your computer(must change COM port number)
  3. execute test.bat
  4. play it


dir : move
A : prev (max history is 50)
B : quit


My project/solve.txt. Don’t tell to anyone. :slight_smile:


compiler : windows Arduino IDE 1.6.8(avr-gcc) + 1.0.6(make.exe)
image converter : python 2.6 + PIL
etc : Visual Studio 2015 C#


Yes! I was just watching someone play a game like this on their phone today… incredible! +10 arduboy points! What are they good for? I don’t know! Nice work!

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pretty cool, game :smiley:

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@bateske @Yourtime:

ty comment. sokoban is good time killer!

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Sounds cool! Someone should get @akkera102 a production Arduboy so he can rework his games for both. I’ll also be glad when there’s a decided upon methodology for supporting direct upload of binaries. I’m perfectly comfortable with Arduino, but it’d be nice to not have to go through that step for simple upload of a game.

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I hope early arrival. Its part of the job. XD
(Myself is not kickstarer user. Order is official homepage)

Yes. I wait hex uploader.
Distribution form might replace the hex file from the source code.