Tips for making better sprites out of pixels?

I was just wondering if anyone has some tips on creating better pixel art on the
Arduboy, because right now my pixel art isn’t very good. :smile:


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Practice makes perfect? Look on Google for inspiration?

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Some people have the ability and most (like me) do not.

You could partner up with someone who is good at this? (just leave @Vampirics alone as I need him :slight_smile: )


As @Vampirics said, practice does indeed make perfect.

Or as I say, practice makes practice makes practice makes practice :smiley:

Joking aside is there anything specific you were looking for in terms of advice or just general good points?

Posting some of your existing art could help give you more specific pointers.

Without seeing your current art or knowing what kind of game/s you’re working on, I say study other arduboy games, 1bit pixel art, game boy pixel art can help due to using limited colour and resolution.

The most recent and biggest 1bit game to study would be minit -

It uses the tried and true style of 1bit, black background, with white detail. I suggest trying this yourself as it’s easier to design with.

Hope that helps a little!


I’ll see if I can dig it up, there is a guy on twitter that I occasionally see that does these little animated gif guides on how to do pixel animation. They are fantastic, and he also has a patreon with more content. If someone else knows of who I am talking about, I’m pretty sure one of you follow them then they are a great resource.

Thanks for all these tips!

@2bitcrook, I was looking for just general good points, but I also was just wondering how I could make better human sprites instead of having them look like stick figures. :smile:

Here is a picture from one of my games:

Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitly take a look at Minit!

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Here’s a very quick attempt that hopefully can be helpful =].

I think sometimes less is more when it comes to background elements, if you just do a bit here and there people will fill in the blanks.

As for drawing better human sprites,and most sprites, the best advice I can give is study anatomy/examples and keeping at it. I think at this size it can also help to go more cartoony or chunky too so that could perhaps be an avenue to go down.

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Personally I quite like the little cartoon ‘stick figures’.

Not always, but in this case definitely.
The odd blade of grass fares better than a pool of dots (which looks more like sand).

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Same, I prefer the more cartoony chunky sprites. As a general rule I go with chunky due to more space for facial features. The original ones having big ol’ smiles are cute and fun.

Yeah, takes a while until one learns when to go overly detailed vs clean and simple. Like any art rule, eventually it’s fine to break it :smiley: .

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I love big head mode

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I always start with drawing a grey rectangle with a inner size of 128x64 pixels in paint. Then I start painting with the simple pen. If I think it is good enough I copy the sprite and modify a few pixels. Then I zoom in and out and move my head back and forward and modify again and again.

If I would plan to make a soccer game it would probably look something like this little sketch I just made:

The player may look like stickfigures but the good look will come with the animations. To animate the drawn sprites realistic will also be the hardest part.