To - action game

(waday) #1

Hi there. I made Arduboy’s game for the first time.
It is fun to make games. I’d be happy if you get feedback even with trivial things.



You are the developer of the door with the teleport function. But just before completion, someone is trying to destroy the door. There seems to be no choice but to distort the space with the power of the door and to prevent destruction.

How to play

Let’s avoid the enemy’s attack by moving the door and Aim for high scores.

  • Avoid: By continuing to avoid attack by pressing the direction key the score will be added.
  • Hide(Open the door): You can avoid attack by distorting the space. However, since the score is not added during that time, we do not recommend for a long time activation. Moreover, the energy of the door is consumed during activation, so be careful as it will not be able to distort the space when the energy runs out.
  • Jump: If you jump the door or continue avoiding attacks continuously, the score magnification will be added.


  • Directional buttons: Move the door to the left and right
  • Button A: Jump the door / Confirm
  • Button B: Distort the space / Cancel
  • A+B+Left (only in level): Return to title


Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
(Kevin) #2

I love it, super simple and unique gameplay this is exactly what Arduboy is all about!

(Holmes) #3

Fun game! Love the animations! Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty bad at this game, but I can see myself keeping this game on my Arduboy for a lil’ bit. :wink:

Reminds me of Faust from Guilty Gear.

(waday) #4

Thank you for a nice comment. Studying in this community will make even better ones!

(Stephen Lavelle) #5

Ah cool gameplay! Fun fun fun! Thanks for posting it!

It might be nice to be able to skip the high-score entry screen if you want to try again. It takes too long I think after dying to play again. (the fastest way to start again is to turn the arduboy off+on :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, holding down a cursor key on the keyboard screen should move several tiles if you hold for long enough, I think.

99 seconds is a long time for a timer - maybe something that recharges that you can use for at most 4 or 5 seconds (say) might work better?

edit: I’ve played a bit more - what makes things slow at the start is that you are prompted to enter in a high score for at least the first five games (probably more!) - if the high score table had some starting values built in that might fix that problem.

(Stephen Lavelle) #6

I played a bunch more on the subway today. I take everything back it’s amazing (except maybe my suggestion to pre-populate the scoreboard).

high score right now is 163

(waday) #7

Thanks for the advice. It seems that you enjoyed it, I am very very happy.
This problem was corrected in the comment below.You can now skip score entry screen with A + B + left key.

99 seconds is a long time for a timer - maybe something that recharges that you can use for at most 4 or 5 seconds (say) might work better?

I will consider whether it can cope.

(Stephen Lavelle) #8

What’s your high score?

(waday) #9

My high score is 217! My high score is 217! It will be a game of concentration and luck from the middle.

(Stevie Hryciw) #10

@waday I managed to get a score of 316! Photo over here \ö/

I think this is an excellent quick game. I find myself playing it during short breaks at work.

In fact, my only major feedback is this: When I die, I would like to go back to the main menu immediately by pressing A or B. Currently I have to wait 1.5+ seconds to return. With “To”, I find myself retrying frequently, so I would like to make retry attempts very rapid.

Additionally, regarding pressing A+B+Left: This caused me to accidentally restart a few times because I did not know about the key combination. Have you considered a help page in the main menu to explain this?

(Phil Graham) #11

Can you please post a working video on the game play?