Tokyo Maker Faire and Meetup

Arduboy is going to Japan! We are planning on attending the Tokyo Maker Faire August 6th and 7th!

We have seen a huge response to the Arduboy in Japan and we want to come out and learn more! I’ve never been to Japan before so it will be really exciting!

To our Japanese members: Let’s meet up!

@akkera102 what do you think? Any friends you. An invite? :slight_smile:

Can anyone local suggest a time and place to meet? We will post something up before July to let everyone know where to meet!


It is awesome news.

I will visit your place of arduboy in Maker Faire.
I’m looking forward to it!

But my english ability is super level :wink:
So, i ask a friend. He knows well the english.
I and He will go Maker Faire.

Is there a sale of arduboy?
if it sell, it become good advertisement.

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I want to sell the arduboy at Toyko Maker Faire!

But not sure yet, we need to see how many we will have in our inventory at that time.

Will send you a message soon, if you have any friends who you think would also like it you can email them, join the community here or also email me directly too is good! :slight_smile:


@bateske, if you have the links and things to the japanese vendor lists, I can post that in the #ja section. Try and take photos this one for sure! I bet there will be some great layouts of booths in Tokyo. Top jelly.

We will be in Japan August 5th to 13th! More details to follow soon, we want to visit Kyoto and Osaka also!


August is the hottest in Japan.
Please be careful health.

2015 August. Actual Temp. :wink:


It’s not even just the heat, the humidity will sap the life out of you!

I have scaled mountains and cliffs in the middle east in 40C heat and been fine, but Japan in the summer was crippling due to the humidity. Make sure you stay hydrated, Pocari Sweat is perfect.

If you are going to Kyoto, make sure you go to Fushimi Inari Taisha, it’s breathtaking.


Please check this :smiley:


I LOVE pocari sweat!!! They have it in China and Hong Kong and it’s pretty much all I drink!

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I wish we could get it (cheap) in the UK, really nice stuff. I also wish we could get that 6-in-1 fruit/veg drink, can’t remember what it was called (maybe @akkera102 can remind me if he knows what I’m referring to) , but it was the best thing in the world after a few “lemonades” the previous night lol

Aaaw man, wish I could afford to go back, I want pork manju and asparagus hot dogs for breakfast, go have a few beers in Ebisu and trawl the electronic shops in Akihabara and Yodabashi Camera…


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umm… I’m not sure.

veg drink categoly in
I like KAGOME veg drink.(Page of the No.2 and No.3)

KAGOME 野菜一日これ一本
KAGOME 野菜生活100

but My best drink is Dr Pepper in universe.:wink:

I think that’s the one, KAGOME 野菜生活100, after a night drinking far too much beer, they were perfect for a hangover!

I will have to see if I can get some from one of the local Asian import shops or online, thanks!

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KAGOME 野菜一日これ一本

One pack per day… :smiley:

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