Total Noob - How to tell which version of the game we have?

Hi there…I came across a free Arduboy for my son. Neither of us are programmers, so we’re trying to figure out how to add games, etc. I’ve found the software to download and am ready to do all of that, but we don’t know which board our game has, nor do we know how to tell.

The game is NOT the FX, so it’s obviously an older version. Can someone help get us started, please? There is also only one game to play, currently, unless we just truly don’t know what we’re doing. Thanks for any help. I’m still looking for the answers myself here, but there’s A LOT to go through in these pages.

The non-FX Arduboy can only hold one game at a time. You must program a new game from a computer.

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Thank you for the clarification. Okay, one last question, then. Are we able to download a different game, or does this mean we would need to create our own game?

You can load any game that others have created and published.

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