Tower of the Sorcerer game preparing

Are there anyone( literally ANYONE) willing to do a remake of “Tower of the Sorcerer” with me on Arduboy?
i want to make my son a game which he could learn the fun of programming.Screenshot (15) Screenshot (15)

I cannot offer any assistance as I am making my own game (on a different platform) but this is a reasonably easy game to make - depending on your programming skills. You might want to detail your skills and what you are looking for in a partner?

As for potential issues, firstly the small Arduboy screen will mean that you will probably have to scroll the screen around to make levels of this complexity with detailed graphics. Secondly, depending on the number of levels in the game, you may need to look at ways of compressing the level data into memory - the Arduboy only has limited memory. These are easy for an experienced programmer but might be a little hard for a child.

There are lessons in the category. If you look at the Dino Smasher lessons, the focus on a game that uses tiles / a map to render the background. This could be a good start.