Train Dodge - Single-Button Reflex Game


Train Dodge - v1.1

Who’s brave enough to play chicken with a train? Stand on the track as multiple trains come at you full-speed… The closer they get to you before jumping off the tracks, the more points you’ll rack up. (You’ll also lose points for jumping off of the track too early.) Dodge as many as you can, but beware! If you don’t jump off in time, you’ll be hit! :stuck_out_tongue:


A: Jump off of the track
B + Up: Erase high score data


Download HEX:
Download Sketch:


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1.1: September 9, 2016

  • Switched to standard get()/put() for storing data into EEPROM
  • Elaborated on the instructions and controls for the game
  • Removed title and instruction screen from repeating
  • Added the option to erase game data (B + Up)
    1.0: August 25, 2016
  • Initial Release

Change instances of EEPROM.write to EEPROM.update

update does the same thing as write but only actually writes to EEPROM if the value has changed from what’s already there. This can save on the limited number of EEPROM writes available. (Granted, it’s a pretty big number but every little bit helps :wink:)


Some time ago I saw it on your twitter …

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I wrote the old version in JavaScript, but this version is obviously in C. :wink:

Thanks for the heads up!

Game looks fun but would prefer an actual chicken rather than a child crossing… perhaps I’m just a nervous parent? ::shrugs::

A chicken!!! :’( :’( :’( That is too sad! I can’t do that… I love chickens… As for it being a child… This game actually is based off of a fun little book I read as a kid in elementary school and the person in the game is an adult. :stuck_out_tongue:

Train Dodge. What a cracking game.

I’ve got it permanently installed onto my Arduboy.

What’s the highest score that people are getting?

Hey, what if I have a Mac and Wine can´t open the .exe file?

Where can I download your game? All of your games.

Use the Arduino IDE. Source code (.ino files) that can be compiled and uploaded using the IDE is available for all the games.

But he didn’t link the .ino file

Yeah, in the first post. Here: