Translate "Start to Play" to All Earth Languages

I did this on the very first Arduboy Tshirt I made like 4 of that says “start to play” in a bunch of languages. But I can’t find it and I would like to add more than I had and add it to the new packaging.

Here is what google translate gave me, if you can improve the translation please let me know thanks!


Assuming Middle Earth counts as part of “All Earth” :grin:
Elvish: image
Mordor Speech: Savarav avo plaausan

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Sorry, I can’t help, but your request is a bit ambiguous to me. Are you saying?:

  • You would like to add more languages than were originally on the T-shirt. The ones below do total more than what was on the shirt, so you just want to improve the translations of those below.

or (more likely)?:

  • You would like to add more languages than just the ones below, so you’re requesting translations to more languages be provided, but also would like any suggestions for improvements to the ones already given below.
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I knew I should have gone down to the local bookmaker to place a bet.
As soon as I saw you typing I thought “I bet he’s going to reply with tengwar”, I kid you not.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to write in Cirth,
so I’m going for something a little later in history.


Unfortunately my dictionary went missing for this one,
so a transliteration will have to do.

And here’s one specifically for @bateske to appease his wrath when he realises this is going to turn into a thread full of scifi and fantasy geeks…


(And now to brush up on my Daedric and Dovahzul… :P)

(Seriously though we at least need a Commander Keen transliteration.)


I guess theoretically that is an alternate history earth but no it does not.

You can add to the total number or improve the quantity.

I was really only looking for ACTUAL languages thanks, but since everyone seems to get a kick out of it, that’s what I’ll put on the inside of the PCB, I was thinking of something.

Give me as many real or unreal languages that say “start to play” and the fantasy ones I’ll put on the PCB. I guess klingon is up next? Lets get whatever the starwars langauges is in there too.



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It would help to know what languages the examples in the image actually are.
If you haven’t got Czech or Finnish then I know of some friendly people who may be willing to donate some translations.

Honestly though, I thought the Futurama reference was worth a like at least. :P
(I don’t even watch Futurama.)

To reduce the almighty Klingon language to mere slogans worn of the measly shirts of pitiful humans would be most dishonourable. :P


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Maybe, but also not for native speakers which is kind of what I’m looking for.

Alright, I mean, I was looking for real suggestions but whatever!

Chinese: 开始玩 => 开始游戏


i think it’s better “Начни играть”


I was 100% serious about knowing people who might be able to offer Czech and Finnish translations (those are real languages, that was a real suggestion), but if the image already has Czech and Finnish translations then I’d be wasting their time.

@Dreamer2345, is that even legit? :P If so you’re a madman.

Yes please I don’t have either of those, although they are pretty far down the website visitor list.

India has really got popular recently.

You already have Hindi there.


کھیلنا شروع کریں


விளையாடத் தொடங்குங்கள்

Maybe someone can add Bengali?

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Comença a jugar

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That’s not truly Braille. To be Braille it would have to be tactile.

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It is tactile. Move your face really close to the screen and stare at it closely. Turn your head and the dots will be burnt into your vision for a few seconds …

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That would be hard to do if you were blind.