Tres - Tile Game [A Threes! clone]

(Casey Gold) #1

This is my first game release. Non-programmer (EE by trade). I thought it would be easiest to get started by cloning a game that I like to play on my mobile. I saw the 2048 game but I prefer Threes!

I studied a lot of other games that have been posted here for help.

Credit Team A.R.G. games for the code/state machine structure. It is really what made the most sense to me.

For the most part this game is complete. It could probably be more efficient and be cleaned up a bit.

To the best of my knowledge, this follows the rules and scoring of threes.

For now, just download the files from github and load using the Arduino IDE. Copy the Tres folder over to the sketches folder and load away.

To Play:

  • up/down/left/right = shifts the tiles on the board in that direction
  • B = select menu option, pause in game and select option


  • some nice looking animations
  • Save/Load one game at a time to/from eeprom
  • Saves the highest score to eeprom

Save/Load/Highscore starts at address 512 and uses 37 bytes of space.

.arduboy file

Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
おすすめゲーム 2017年05月
Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
(Holmes) #2

Wow! This game looks excellent! Love the 3D effects as well as sliding animations!

Since this game is pretty much complete, can I host it on my online repo as well? (I would also ask for the game in .arduboy format.)

(Casey Gold) #3

Sure you can host it. I will get a .arduboy file created soon and post it here.

(Casey Gold) #4

Alright added a .arduboy file.

(Celine) #5

I downloaded this game because I was going to feature it as a new game in the vol 2 magazine, and i love it! I know its just a clone but super happy you made it :smiley:

(Phil Graham) #6

I put Tres on my Arduboy last night. I can’t stop playing it.