Trials of Astarok [V1.0.5]


Astarok.ino.hex (71.1 KB)

Your favourite characters from The Curse of Astarok are back in a new adventure.

Each year the people of the village choose a new champion to protect them from Astarok.
Compete in the trials to see how far you can get and you could be that champion!
Your choice of runes will select different courses … some are easier than others!

Graphics          @vampirics
Code                @filmote
Music               @gibs

Source       Source Code
Hex            Hex File

Special thanks to @gibs for an amazing theme track for this game.

This game draws heavily on Squario but nearly every aspect has been altered and improved.


Its finally alive!

So, which of you is the Elder Scrolls fan? @Vampirics?

Had my self a little peek at github and it looks great! love the titlescreen with a nice ditty. Plays nice too! Who needs an Italian plumber


Ah forgot the repo for the Arduboy version was public. You got in there quick! It was public as I had @pharap help me with a nasty declaration deadly embrace. Probably should make it private until we are ready …

The ditty on the front page is to be replaced with something else … just waiting on the maestro to finish the replacement. The one that is there is borrowed from another game of ours!


Sick!! I loved the creativity and attention that went into Curse of Astarok, still one of my favorites to play and show others. Excited to see what you’ve got for us this time!

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Thanks @poevoid … the main character is the same, the story quite different.

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Version 1.0 is now available!

@poevoid @Mr.Blinky @Pharap keen to hear your thoughts!


Yesss! This is so good! I’m guessing the runes are the seed number input? I love it!

Yep the runes are the seeds.

What do you think of the theme music?

Ohh I’ll have to download it! I just played in the emulator so far!

LOL … that’s why initially I did not put the hex up in the original posting. I want people to experience the music! Gib’s music is fantastic - my sound effects not quite so good.

Lol I have a habit of adding those to first posts :slight_smile:


Awesome it’s released already. Title tune sound’s amazing didn’t think ArduboyTones could sound that good :+1:

I like the idea of selecting a pseudo random level difficulty with the runes.
The one heart seems to be a little bit tough but after each time dying I seem to get better. I managed to get play far into the black level with a high score of 1404 points.

I must say the parallax scrolling background ground works nicely in the fist level but not as good in the black level. Feels a bit odd jumping there but it may be just my perception.

Also found a little glitch. If you jump into those chasm critters and you die without killing the critter, our little hero gets tormented making agonizing sounds and just when he thinks his suffering is over when the trial is over text shows it’s all gonna start all over again. If he was starring in Tron it would have been an R-rated movie :wink:

That is the idea, and you can find extra hearts in chest if you are good at opening them.

That’s my bad. I changed the ground tile underground to match the color version and it might be harder to see.


The image above is the old version.

It’s not the tiles. What I ment is the scrolling of the background. The mountains on first level looks fine as mountains are far away. On the black level the details are more close by (chain/rope torches, black bricks) when you are on a higher ground like 3-5 tiles and jump then the background jumps with you. Maybe it’s just my perception of depth that can’t cope :joy:

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I’m presuming you actually mean the game rather than the code?
(Actually playing games instead of just reading the code is a bit of a novel idea for me. :P)

Firstly, I think it’s a horribly cruel to start the player off on just one life, so I changed it to three and recompiled. :P

I must admit, I am wondering why the character has a sword but kills enemies by jumping on them. At first I was expecting it to be more like Zelda II than Mario. (Complete with sword beam!)

I appreciate the smaller details the most: the fact the rune system remembers your seed, the brief period of invincibility after being hit. It’s nice to see some parallax being used, though I think it’s a shame there’s only one layer of it.

The levels are quite decent considering they’re randomly generated. Sometimes the results are a bit annoying (e.g. a jump that you can’t make without being hurt by an enemy), but that’s to be expected.

I’m not a huge fan of the chest minigame. I feel like a slot machine/roulette effect would have been better if you know what I mean. Something more like what Mario calls a roulette block. I don’t know if you’d have the space to pull that off though.

I definitely feel like it’s easier to play if you take it slowly, which is a bit difficult for me because I’m used to racing through Mario games.

By the way if you’re looking for space savings, I found a really easy way to claw back 40 bytes of RAM and 400 bytes of progmem. (I’m 90% sure it doesn’t cause any bugs.)

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The original Astarok game had two levels of parallax above ground. As it is, I think the rendering is taking too long in parts for the frame rate I have chosen …

That’s my problem … I am over-confident and die way too many times.

Lay it on me!

In black and white most things look flat. The chain, torches and bricks are in the background. Maybe they move too much?

But eventually he dies? Anyhow, it sounds as if all I need to do is make it so that if you are already dead you cannot die again??

Hrm, that’s a bit of a nuissance. I’d look into it, but it’s probably not worth the effort.

Well, you know how enumerations default to using int as the underlying type if you don’t specify what they should be using…

Ahh … my stupidity.