Trials of Astarok [V1.0.5]

Its actually using ArduboyPlaytune which allows two channel sound. Its the first time I have worked with it as every other game I have written uses ArduboyTones.

In fairness I expect your brain was busy with silly things like actually making the game work, so you weren’t obsessing over important details like how big your enumerations were. :P

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What it has let me do is add back in the pause screen that I had previously had to comment out due to lack of space. Now if you press the A button it pauses - if you instead press and hold it, the game will return to the main screen.

I have a spare 44 bytes that I do not know what to do with :slight_smile:

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Version 1.0.2 published. Minor fixes and a pause screen. Press A to pause or press and hold to return to the main menu.

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One life at the start is too hardcore :slight_smile:

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@ESPboy and @Pharap … you both know how to change it. But I feel you both can practice and get better!

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I changed it to 100 (purely to test the ESPboy port :wink: ), but it didn’t help much because falling into an abyss ends the game no matter how many lives you have :slight_smile:
But it was interesting to run much farther than usual.
Maybe the concept of lifes is better to change the energy of, say, 50 units … It is taken away when touching enemies but added when opening chests.
Well, if you fall into the abyss, then there’s a replay, as it is now

I’m waiting for the bit where @Mr.Blinky admits that he changed it to 3 as well. :P

The chests do give you an extra heart, but only if you win the minigame, which I’ve only managed to do once.

I noticed that it changed in the release version :blush:

Am I that predictable ? I actually changed it to two. So when I optain a heart I can yay :stuck_out_tongue:

Compile with Arduboy Homemade package and you get 514 bytes :wink:

I see our little hero can now rest in piece and no longer is tormented :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to get a heart a few times when I’m lucky. most of the time I end up getting a coin which jumps into a chasm :joy:

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Hitting 1400 points with just one life seemed a bit suspect, even if you’d found an easy seed.

Sword beam confirmed? :P
(Or perhaps a button combo to start with 3 lives?)

You forgot the ‘s’: rest in pieces. :P

Lets face it you should just train more and you can always find more hearts in chests.

Game never was meant to be easy as it is a trial to see who the next champion will be.

We didn’t name the game Babysitting with AstaroK. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually I didn’t cheat when I got that score. Played with the default runes. I started the cheat with 2 hearts to test the chasm glitch more.

Thanks for correcting me. I’m all shattered now :smile:

Spent some time last night and this morning playing a few different combinations, love it! I like choosing the level design at the start and having those show up on the highscores as well, it’s just a bit more fun than a typical highscore screen, makes me wanna keep playing. I wasn’t expecting a platformer like this, and was pleasantly surprised! It’s super cute, intuitive to play (everyone’s played mario before, right?), and it’s got extreme replayability from the way the combos work


So glad you like it. As you may be aware, we made a Pokitto version as well - essentially the same code base - but as we had extra memory to play with, we were able to tie the runes in a little more. I will not give it away but if you have a Pokitto then try it out!

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That sounds even scarier. I think I’d rather have the murderous cloaked gentlemen, the suicidal skulls and the leaping fireballs than having to look after some noisy, monstruous brats. :P

Then you must have been incredibly patient.

Perhaps I’ll try that later. Maybe I’ve just been picking unlucky runes?

My first set didn’t even come with a chest on either of the first two levels.

I guess I am patient. Sometimes it’s good to take a small break when the quick deaths start to appear.

Yesterday I even managed to get a score over 1600. Managed to get a heart too :slight_smile:

TIP: jump early so you can reach high above baddies.

With the default runes there’s only a single chest almost at the end of the level.

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Version 1.0.3 has just been released. It includes very minor fixes.


Version 1.0.4 Released

Thanks to some byte savings from @pharap and @acedent, we have now been able to include the piranha graphics that you may have seen on the Pokitto version of our game. It brings them closer in line with each other!

ArduboyRecording (4)


This game has become a favourite in our household.
I found it impossibly hard to begin with- but practice really helps (or hack the code to add an extra heart!). Also love the meta-game of exploring different runes, for different levels; Found one that gives a chest nearly immediately.

The game play, platforming physics, graphics and sound are wonderful !! Thank you PPOT~ @filmote @Vampirics @gibs for another enchanting release :smiley:


I must admit that I haven’t played enough combinations to find one that gives a chest immediately - that would be very handy. Bu then again, my timing is so bad that I rarely get a heart anyway :frowning: