Trippy Graphics Demo

Hi all,

I made a little graphics demo. It’s pretty cool. I also added a heap of comments so it should be easy to understand. It’s not interactive though, so it’s definitely not a game.

Here’s the Github repo.

Sometimes I just stare at it and lose track of where I am…

Also, seizure warning. After a while it starts flashing like crazy.

No pictures of it at the moment, perhaps I’ll be able to add some later.


Just some minor notes:

  • The #include <SPI.h> and #include <EEPROM.h> shouldn’t be needed with the latest Arduino IDE.
  • WIDTH and HEIGHT are already defined in the Arduboy library, so there’s no need to define them again.
  • Change arduboy.start(); to arduboy.begin();. start() is deprecated.
  • Change arduboy.clearDisplay(); to arduboy.clear();. clearDisplay() is deprecated.
  • You should delete file Circley.ino from the repository. Having both ArduboyCircley.ino and Circley.ino in the same folder will cause compile errors.

My comment is that the commenting was really nice. Good explanations of each step of the program. This is one of those cases where there are more comments than lines of code, which is nice because it’s a pretty interesting demo.

Thanks for the tips. It seems like I was working with an old version of the Arduboy library, which is where majority of those things come from. The other issue with both ino files comes from me doing the rename in git incorrectly. :stuck_out_tongue: