Trouble building homemade

For the past 4 months i have been ordering parts and trying to build my arduboy in this process i have ordered 3 different 128x64 screens and none of them have worked in the processi have also accidently broken 1 arduino nano board i have even lookeddat the different screen types and my last screen with a ssd1306 also didnt work
i honestly dont know what im doing wrong

If you want to buy an Arduboy from the store I have a $10 discount voucher that you can use. That plus the current discount price it would only be $29 (plus shipping I guess)


If your looking for help we need to know what you tried.

What is the method you are using to connect them together? Are you soldering them or are you using the breadboard?

It’s possible that if you are buying the cheapest possible screens they are the SH1106 which require software changes to use them.

What did you do to break the nano board?

Let us know how to help!

We can’t tell much from that. Maybe a picture (front/back) could tell us something more about them.

Arduboy requires a board using an ATMEGA32U4 MCU Like the Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Micro or a Pro Micro. The Arduino Nano uses a different MCU.

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this is the newest screen i use of 0.96 inch

this is my second screen of 1.3 inch

this is my first 1.3 inch screen

i use a breadboard but i think while i was trying to get the first screen to work i connected it to the wrong pin

All those displays have an I2C interface, not the SPI interface that the Arduboy uses. If the board you’re using is an Arduino Nano, then it sounds like you’re trying to build a SLIMBOY. Are you using the following topic to build it?

It will run a number of Arduboy games but you have to recompile them specifically for it.


Ok so i have tried out this library now but i literally get the same results maybe it has something to do with the arduino board self, i have a ATMEGA328P and i compile it on the old bootloader.

Check the SLIMBOY repo @MLXXXp pointed to and make sure you use the 0.96" display module. The 1.3" one will most likely use the SH1106 display controller which isn’t compatible with the adapted library (it will only display a distorted image on a horizontal line of 8 vertical pixels)

Also make sure you check Vcc and GND are connected properly to the display module as some modules have Vcc and GND swaped

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You’re in a bit of a pickle unless you are willing to do a lot of software work to recompile everything for the other processor and display.

I guess I’ll need to write up a proper guide for building your own and working on offering a kit because I see more people in this situation.