Trouble compiling Team A.R.G. Games

I have just purchased an Arduboy. Some of the games from the forum are working. All the Team A.R.G. games are not working. After I download them to my mac, I am changing the file to match the .ino file, yet it still says compiling error. any suggestions? Thanks!

HOW are you trying to upload the Team A.R.G. Games?

I use the github link. Then place them in the arduino file. I then find the .ino file and rename the folder the exact same. It recognizes it in the arduino software but when I go to verify it says the error

Can you share the error?

You will need to move more than just the .ino file. Everything in the folder what you download from github be there.

Here’s my steps:

1 - Get the game from Team A.R.G. website. Mouse is on the link I click

2, 3 - Download zip file, then place it in the documents section under the Arduino folder

4 - Change the name of the folder to match .ino file

5 - in Arduino, select file>sketchbook>game file

6 - run verify to receive error

Let me know if I’m missing a step. Greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

This is from the Arduino program that I pull it from

Team A.R.G. games are already provided in a properly named folder. For instance, to install Sirène:

  • Close the Arduino IDE
  • Go to the Sirène GitHub repository.
  • Click on the green Clone or download button.
  • Choose Download ZIP
  • Save the file to your Downloads folder.
  • Unzip or extract the file.
  • In your Downloads folder, there should now be a folder named ID-42-Sirene-master. Open it.
  • In the ID-42-Sirene-master folder will be a folder named SRN_AB.
  • Copy or move the SRN_AB folder, including all its contents, to your Arduino (sketchbook) folder.
  • Open the Arduino IDE.
  • From the menus, use File > Sketchbook > SRN_AB to open the Sirène sketch.
  • Verify or upload the sketch.

I will give it a shot! Here was the error code. Thanks everyone!!

You haven’t installed the Arduboy2 library, as instructed in Step 2 of the Quick Start Guide.


Thank you. Im an idiot!!!