Trouble compiling Team A.R.G. Games


I have just purchased an Arduboy. Some of the games from the forum are working. All the Team A.R.G. games are not working. After I download them to my mac, I am changing the file to match the .ino file, yet it still says compiling error. any suggestions? Thanks!

(Mike McRoberts) #2

HOW are you trying to upload the Team A.R.G. Games?


I use the github link. Then place them in the arduino file. I then find the .ino file and rename the folder the exact same. It recognizes it in the arduino software but when I go to verify it says the error

(Kevin) #4

Can you share the error?

You will need to move more than just the .ino file. Everything in the folder what you download from github be there.


Here’s my steps:

1 - Get the game from Team A.R.G. website. Mouse is on the link I click

2, 3 - Download zip file, then place it in the documents section under the Arduino folder

4 - Change the name of the folder to match .ino file

5 - in Arduino, select file>sketchbook>game file

6 - run verify to receive error

Let me know if I’m missing a step. Greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


This is from the Arduino program that I pull it from

(Scott) #7

Team A.R.G. games are already provided in a properly named folder. For instance, to install Sirène:

  • Close the Arduino IDE
  • Go to the Sirène GitHub repository.
  • Click on the green Clone or download button.
  • Choose Download ZIP
  • Save the file to your Downloads folder.
  • Unzip or extract the file.
  • In your Downloads folder, there should now be a folder named ID-42-Sirene-master. Open it.
  • In the ID-42-Sirene-master folder will be a folder named SRN_AB.
  • Copy or move the SRN_AB folder, including all its contents, to your Arduino (sketchbook) folder.
  • Open the Arduino IDE.
  • From the menus, use File > Sketchbook > SRN_AB to open the Sirène sketch.
  • Verify or upload the sketch.


I will give it a shot! Here was the error code. Thanks everyone!!

(Scott) #9

You haven’t installed the Arduboy2 library, as instructed in Step 2 of the Quick Start Guide.


Thank you. Im an idiot!!!