Trouble installing games [Solved]

I download the .ZIP folder and move it into the “Example”-folder of “Arduboy-master”.

Now I open the .ino file in there and it always shows me the following:

C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduboy-master\examples\DUN_GY_v11\DUN_GY_v11.ino:15:19: fatal error: Gamby.h: No such file or directory

So every game I download and try to upload gets this fatal error. Any idea?

Well, I just googled “Gamby.h” and it turns out that Gamby is its own Arduino based little game toy device. It has four buttons and a d-pad, compared to Arduboy’s two, and its screen width is 32 pixels fewer than the Arduboy.

While you did make an effort to find an Arduino game to use on your Arduboy, not all Arduino software is compatible with all Arduino hardware.

At least you didn’t try installing an .exe

Try checking out the Games section:


Please, never move games into the Example folder. :slight_smile:

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Where should I move them? Please tell me!

I think you drop the folders into the c:/Users/XXXX/Documents/Arduino/ directory. If I recall correctly, you should then be able to access them by going to File > Sketchbook in the Arduino IDE. I usually just put them on my desktop, though.

That was the problem! Thank you so much!

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Glad that helped! Feel free to post again if you have any more problems or to let the dev’s know if you like their games. :smiley:

I will! :grin: I received my Arduboy yesterday and it’s currently 05:46 am and I’m trying to figure everything out and learning programming only because of this device, it’s so fun! :slight_smile:


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