Trouble uploading HEX [Solved]

Hm, could load the first version one time with team args loader, but can’t load the hex either with team args or craits loader…

Did you try erwins? Or maybe just go straight to using avrdude and the command line is always an option!

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Upload fine from source or using Arduboy Mate on my Android phone.

I may have an idea why it worked the first time and not after. I think even though we still have space left we still need to press and hold down on the title screen to upload another sketch over this. Sorry for the inconveniences, that method does work at least for me here.

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Sounds like it’s a magic number problem, the ram taking up more than something like 78%. Even though you’ve got the bootloader code there, the number that tells the bootloader it’s been reset is modified by the application code.

Flashlight mode will probably need to be used in which case you get best results using the Arduino IDE.

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Unfortunately, not even close to using that much RAM …

Archiving built core (caching) in: /var/folders/k7/r7tkw3n15ql14qt3pwvjrvmm0000gn/T/arduino_cache_55464/core/core_arduino_avr_leonardo_6d8fb7d7d4c78139de9de921a17dc815.a

Sketch uses 25892 bytes (90%) of program storage space. Maximum is 28672 bytes.

Global variables use 1569 bytes (61%) of dynamic memory, leaving 991 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2560 bytes.
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Sorry Nicole … did you manage to sort it out?


It doesn’t really matter how much global RAM is used. It’s the combination of global plus local storage and whether something that changes often just happens to overlap the same location used for the magic boot key. It’s quite unpredictable and only becomes more likely with a large amount of globals used.

All flashlight mode does is prevent any changes to RAM, thus assuring the magic key doesn’t get clobbered.

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Hi, thanks for your tipps. Didn’t sort it out yet, don’t have android devices.
Could of course load it in arduino, but i still think it’s just the inconvenient way…
Will try with bootloader option, let’s see.

When you say it won’t load, do you mean it won’t load even in ‘flashlight’ mode?

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That’s what i still have to try, but i am not at home atm.
Ok, did try with team args uploader and bootloader on:
Says Arduboy found on com port 5, beginns flashing, leds indicate flashing process, but nothing happens, says Arduboy detected on com port 7, tells me it’s flashing, but nothing happens.
Then: Flashed successful and stops.
Don’t have much time this weekend to try any further as this is our wedding anniversary and birthday of a very good friend😉

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@Nicole_Birgel, did you manage to solve your problem?

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no, unfortunately not…

When did you get your Arduboy?

I suspect it’s probably the bootloader pin problem that happens when the pins aren’t set properly and a large program is uploaded.
If so then it might be best to just use the contact form to send it for repair (unless you know someone nearby who could reburn the bootloader for you).

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Hm, 2017 i think, but it’s the same behavior on both of my white arduboys and only with turtle bridge

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Did you upload both using the same tool?

I haven’t had any problems when uploading it to my Arduboy and mine is from early 2018 (around January), so I’m wondering if maybe the problem is with either the upload tool or the V1.1 .hex (I always compile the source code because I find it easier).

I did try team args uploader as well as craits uploader…

I mean when you first uploaded the sketch to each Arduboy.
Did you use the same uploader for both when you initially uploaded the game?

I am not sure, can‘t remember what steps i did take…

Ok, in that case don’t worry too much.
I was just trying to think of other possible explanations because from what I’ve seen the code itself isn’t doing anything it shouldn’t be.

I think the bootloader pins are the most likely explanation,
so it would probably be best to just send them off to let Arduboy Inc solve the problem.
Or like I said before, maybe find someone nearby who could possibly help.
It would save time and money (postage) if you could.

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