Troubleshooting homemade Arduboy

Thanks for the great help but I’m still faced with a little problem.

I made the arduboy according to the schedule that is completely from above, but with some changes. The battery protection, with that I did not find this component.

Now I try to put code on the Arduboy but my computer does not register it.

Some have told me that this is because I do not have a bootloader on my ATmega32U4.
Does anyone know a solution here? Have tried to install a bootloader but do not know how to do that with a chip only with a 2 arduino’s I know how to do that.

Or is it just a mistake in the schedule.

Thank you for the many help.

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If you didn’t purchase an atmega explicitly with Arduino bootloader then you need to program it.

You can take most ICSP signals from the display connector and reset button/resistor. But MISO must be taken directly from the chip.


Note on the display connector. I see there’s a 3.3V pin. if your display has an 8 pin connector with 3.3V and Vin then 3.3V is an output rather than an input of the display.


With most display modules that have both, 3.3V can be either an input or output.

If you want to provide about 3.6V to 5V, then you connect it to Vin. The 3.3V pin will then be a regulated 3.3V output.

If you have a regulated 3.3V power source, you can connect it to the 3.3V pin. The Vin pin should then be left unconnected.