Turtle Bridge [1.3]

Turtlebridge.hex (71.8 KB)

Graphics   @vampirics
Code         @filmote
Music        @uxe

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A remake of the classic Game and Watch game Turtle Bridge.

Carry the package to the awaiting truck by jumping across the turtle’s backs. Watch out as they may dive for a snack!

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I am sorting out some new theme music … any suggestions?


Beautiful and in the short time playing it, it’s fun. Any hints into how to predict if… Wait… Omg… I see the fish. Dang, this game is detailed!!! I love the large graphics and I love how they continue to move along after you’ve died. :smiley: Great job! Another fantastic Arduboy game!


Yep the little fish are … well little on the Arduboy screen!

Was this intentional?


Who can beat my measly score of 0006?

I would love to say yes … but what a coincidence.

I can, but not by much!


There we go, 0024, that’s much more respectable.

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@Pharap Try to beat my 27 on Hard lol I am actually almost surprised that you played it that much. Thank you! :smiley:

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It only took me a few minutes to get that score.
The fish are fairly easy to outrun.

I’m not sure if I was playing easy or hard,
I can never remember if Z is A and X is B or the other way around.

I’ll try to top 27 later. I was just killing time while waiting for a reply on another comment.

At the moment, the difference between easy and hard is that the middle turtle doesn’t move on Easy.

The game gets harder as your score increases - although if people are only getting small scores then it probably isn’t even noticeable. When I get a few moments, I will increase the speed at which it increases and differentiate between easy and hard.

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Also noticed that the game is easier if played on the emulator as the game is slower than on the real hardware.

Is it? I wonder why that is … I would have thought the power of a proper computer would have no problems out performing an Arduboy.

Well on my Mac at work and on my crap laptop at home it’s a tad slower.

The fact it’s implemented in JavaScript probably doesn’t help.
Dynamically typed languages always have an overhead.

And remember it’s emulating the entire hardware, not just replacing the draw calls.

Either way it’s ok since I would rather encourage the use of the real hardware as much as possible :wink:

…how 'bout this :wink:

TurtleBridge.ino.hex (70.7 KB)

  const uint16_t Score[] PROGMEM = {
  NOTE_C4,250,  NOTE_A4,250, NOTE_G4,250,  NOTE_A4,250,  NOTE_C4,250,  NOTE_A4,125,  NOTE_G4,375,   NOTE_A4,250,
  NOTE_DS4,250, NOTE_C5,250, NOTE_AS4,250, NOTE_C5,250,  NOTE_DS4,250, NOTE_C5,125,  NOTE_AS4,375,  NOTE_C5,250,
  NOTE_F4,250,  NOTE_F5,250, NOTE_DS5,250, NOTE_F5,250,  NOTE_GS4,250, NOTE_F5,125,  NOTE_DS5,375,  NOTE_F5,250,
  NOTE_C5,125,  NOTE_C5,125, NOTE_C5,125,  NOTE_C5,125,  NOTE_AS4,250, NOTE_C5,250,  NOTE_REST,250, NOTE_C5,125, NOTE_C5,125, NOTE_C5,125, NOTE_C5,125,
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The emulator mutes the sound when it is embeded, if you want to try it out you’ll have to click through to the full page view.

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I cannot try this at work … but will give it a go when I get home. Another Van Halen track?

Here’s a clue :pizza: :turtle:

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Mmm … Pizza Turtle. I don’t know any songs by that name …