Turtle Bridge [1.3]


That’s more cryptic than @Uxe’s one.



Right … teenage mutant ninja turtles?


I took this to be an obscure reference to ‘mock turtle soup’.

Apparently there actually is a song called “Turtle Soup”, by a band called The Turtles.
How strange.

Is the bootloader disabled? (as i had very big problems to use my arduboy properly again after loading rooftop rescue - i am asking first this time😆)

No its not. This is the first game in a while where I haven’t run out of memory!


now that‘s nice to hear.


Update to V1.1 - including @uxe’s music and changes to the hard game to make it harder!


At that point you could keep both music and have it choose one at random each time title screen state is called lol we have the space for it anyway.

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Managed 0018 on the new hard mode.

Could do … They are both in there, just need to add a random function.

More than me!

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Worst case I can add it this weekend.


Very good, nice, fun :wink: I like

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With the help of @Pharap we just released version 1.2 of Turtle Bridge with the following updates:

  • On the title screen you will sometime hear an alternate song.
  • Highscores for Easy and Hard mode now have their own scoreboard, if your current scores are scrambled, you should reset your score by holding Left and Right until scores are reset.
  • Player sprite is now facing left when it should.
  • Fixed a bug that made the fish still move when paused. ( possible way to cheat there )

Download link is in the original post. Have fun and share your scores!


… I uh… I JUST realized the character is a little Arduboy with arms and legs… This… is… AWESOME.

The graphics in this game are super ace, I don’t even know how you are getting such good fidelity. Such good work.


I would love to say I did it but the truth is its all @Vampirics work!


Loving this game! Excellent work as always!! :grinning:

(I think I found one little ‘bug’ though - I don’t hear the stepping-on-a-turtle-sound when jumping off the cliff on to the first turtle? Jumping from the second turtle on to the first turtle does make the sound though…)