Turtle Bridge [1.3]

Thanks for the feedback - I used to love Game and Watches as a kid and this is one I could (almost) beat.

Anyhow, if that is the only bug you have found then I am really happy. I rushed the game to completion before heading away and @pharap stepped in and made some changes. It is sort of surprising that the issues so far have been so minor!

Having said that, I will fix it as my OCD says I can not leave it.


For what it’s worth I don’t think either me or @Vampirics would have picked up on the problem during testing.

I always have my Arduboy muted to avoid disturbing other people (and I like quiet anyway),
and @Vampirics was probably at work at least half the time so he probably didn’t have sound.

If I had to guess, I’d guess the issue is with turtleIndex != this->prevTurtleIndex at this line,
but that’s just a wild guess without any kind of testing.

Is it just the first time you do that or every time?

If it’s the first time then it’s probably a problem with the initial state.
If it’s every time then it’s probably a logic problem.

Fun little game, love seeing these game&watch games on the arduboy. The graphics on this one are amazing.

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I use ProjectABE 99% of the development time and always have the sound off. Its quite loud!

Thanks @yak … they are just the right fit for the Arduboy. @Vampirics is a master with the graphics. I am prompting him about a Donkey Kong remake but he is busy at the moment.


You can always start using placeholders, that’s how we usually work anyway :wink:


I like how they look on mine. A donkey Kong would be awesome. I’d love a version of radio shacks plane&tank, played that one a lot as a kid.


I just googled ‘plane and tank’. That looks pretty cool!

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Every time.

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Consistent errors are good errors.

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It was a fun little game, i beat it a couple of times way way back in the day lol.

Its probably a collectors item now … do you still have it?

Sadly no, i lost it in a house fire a few years ago.

Did you say Fire?



Lol i was just playing that a few nights ago.


Fortunately computer volume can be adjusted.

The correct term is “programmer art”. :P

Nice custom Arduboy shell.
(The buttons look a bit lumpy though.)

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…any clues on resolving this?

To be honest, I have been quite busy and have not had a chance to look at it.

I am sorry if it is impacting on your gaming pleasure :slight_smile:

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OK . I fixed it. Life as we know it has been restored.


Totally understandable - thank you for indulging me! :upside_down_face:

I hate so much to be that guy :confounded: but this fix only solves it for the first jump off the left cliff onto the turtle, every subsequent jump still had the same issue… satisfied my own OCD by inserting this at line 190 of PlayGameState.cpp instead:

if (this->player.isLeftCliffPosition() || (this->player.isPackagePosition() && !this->player.isHoldingPackage())) {
  this->prevTurtleIndex = -1;

:slight_smile: :turtle: