Tut Jr (v0.1) - Maze game, in beta

Tut Jr

A maze game. Still in beta, but playable with one level ready.

Avoid the monsters and get your hero to the exit (big white circle). The thin walls are turnstyle doors that your can rotate by pushing against them.

Available on


A lot of us can only play .Arduboy or Hex files please can you also support that file type would love to try this game out.

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I’m sorry, I only have a Mac. Neither of the suggested ways to upload hex files are supported on the mac. (the Team A.R.G uploader, and the Arduboy Manager). I can’t put up a hexfile if I can’t test it out first.

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I created a PasteBin that includes the contents of the .hex file. You can find it, here: http://pastebin.com/MHyhhCZV

I tried playing the game and it’s great!! If I had a suggestion to give, it would be to change the hitboxes of the lil’ dude so he can move into tunnels a little easier.

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Thanks @crait. I’ve added the hex file to the Post. I’ll get my own hex file solution going before I put out another version.

Thanks @crait and @jutleys for the great suggestions.

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Thanks guys for you help much appreciated downloading.

Almost a year and half later. Finally got an update out. Its still only one level, but much improved. Give it a try.



Hex file is in the github release.


The Arduboy library is no longer being maintained. I suggest you switch to using the Arduboy2 library.
This is easy for the current version of TuxJr:

In file headers.h change

#include "Arduboy.h"

extern Arduboy arduboy;


#include <Arduboy2.h>

extern Arduboy2 arduboy;

In file TutJr.ino change

Arduboy arduboy;


Arduboy2 arduboy;

and also in TutJr.ino change




This saves 1702 bytes of program memory and 26 bytes RAM.

Thanks! It worked great. Created a new release here.

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Another suggestion:

Move all the files that are actually required to compile the game to a subdirectory in your Git repository named TutJr. This way, that subdirectory can easily be copied or moved to the Arduino Sketchbook without having to “weed out” all the unnecessary support files.

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How does the Arduino app decide what files to include?

Another note:
Even though your sketch folder can contain subfolders, such as your generated folder, it’s better to keep everything in a single folder.

This is because files in a subfolder cannot be edited in the Arduino IDE. Subfolders aren’t visible as tabs in the IDE.

Thanks for the suggestion. Changes made.

I’m loving this feedback.

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Better late than ever - it’s looking great!