Two player Tic Tac Toe (Noughts and Crosses)

Hi, I am Ryan.

My dad (@filmote) bought me an Arduboy for my birthday. This is my first game so go easy on me!

My next game will be a version of tic tac toe where you play the computer instead.

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Welcome to the community @Ryan and thanks for sharing your game. It’s a pretty good choice I love naughts & crosses its proof that simplicity is the key to longevity. Another cool thing about it is with a few changes here n there and you’ve also got connect 4 without the plastic retainer at the bottom unleashing the pieces mid game.


Quite well written for a first game, in particular it’s good to see some comments and some fairly well named variables.

The thing I’m most impressed with though is the use of the LED, it’s a very under-used feature and it’s been put to good use here.

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Lots of help from me … we tried to keep it really simple as you can see. All variables are bytes, use of the keywords ‘and’ and ‘or’ rather than && and ||, no overall game state control and the like. We built a little bit at a time - graphics first, then simple cursor control and so on.

I am a bad teacher so he did well to get it done.


Updated version now has ‘Two Player’ and ‘Play Computer’ mode.

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Mode selector:

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