Ultimate DIY Arduboy...?

Checking out Single Board Computers (SBC) I discovered the LattePanda range… with onboard 32u4!.. Are there enough pins to be useful…? :thinking:

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Looks like all the pins are there.

Why plug arduboy into a pc when your arduboy IS a pc

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why not just grab an iPhone off the table )

Because Windows 10 and Linux are easier to write software for.

Glad the humour of this was appreciated! :smiley:
I’m still trying to think of some way an embedded 32u4 might be useful… often my projects release the sacred blue smoke, which is ok with a $20 Arduino, less so if I fry a $300 SBC… :hot_face:

Personally I’d probably wire up the ATmega to an IR receiver and use it as a media centre with a proper remote control. Particularly if it were possible to connect a DVD or Blu Ray drive.

That aside, you theoretically could turn it into an all-in-one Arduboy and Arduboy programmer.

Interesting. Kind of a intel NUC version of a raspberri pi

Yeah, LattePanda is pretty cool. I’ve seen people make tablets and game consoles (emulators and pc games) with Windows 10/11 installed. Like Raspberry Pi but much much beefier.

It’s probably more accurate to say like a netbook but without any hardware… and an arduino glued to it :wink:

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There are only three ideas in consoles on microcontrollers.

1 it is programming in conditions of very limited resources. Strange as it may seem, but the ingenuity you have to show when creating programs and the challenge to squeeze out the maximum on such limited devices is a pleasure for some people.

2 it is nostalgia for the old times when many people started their way in programming in their youth and faced such difficulties and for some reason loved it, which leads to point 1.

3 relative simplicity of creating programs for beginners and understanding their work for simple devices

By complicating the basic device we lose all these advantages, perhaps we gain some others, but usually a different target audience and tasks.

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…45w of declared consumption…it’s not much for such a piece of hardware…

p.s. that you’re drooling…(: everything is clear that this business will not stand still…nanomicron technologies will continue to decrease and 32u4 will remain 32u4 as it was…

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